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One Piece 1052 Spoiler: Luffy's Fate in Wano Finally Revealed?

One Piece 1052 Spoiler: Luffy's Fate in Wano Finally Revealed?

The Wano country arc is said to be the biggest arc in the One Piece series, for now. 

Apart from the scale of the peak battle that exceeds the battle at Marineford, Oda Sensei also shows various important moments or events in history that have never appeared before. 

After almost four years of the Wano arc, finally this arc is nearing its peak.

In chapter 1049 yesterday, we saw how Luffy managed to defeat the pirates and also the most powerful creature in the world, Kaido. 

The struggle is not easy, Luffy has to go through with ups and downs. 

Several times Luffy had to be unconscious after being hit by Kaido's devastating attack. 

Even so, Luffy didn't give up and got back up to defeat Kaido.

After previously Luffy succeeded in awakening Advanced Ruler Haki, he also later succeeded in awakening his devil fruit power. 

This is what gives Luffy the opportunity to match Kaido's strength. And as a result, in chapter 1050 yesterday Luffy finally became the winner in his fight against Kaido.

Even so, Luffy's victory did not come by accident. There are many things that Luffy sacrificed to be able to win from Kaido. 

In the previous article, there was also a discussion that both Kaido and Luffy both exerted all the abilities and strengths they had. And the effect of this we can see in chapter 1050 yesterday.

Luffy's Fate in One Piece

One Piece 1052 Spoiler: Luffy's Fate in Wano Finally Revealed?

After beating Kaido with the remnants of his strength, Luffy was unconscious. 

His body then fell which Yamato managed to catch. 

Currently, Luffy himself is recovering at the hands of Chopper. 

However, as previously discussed, there are some of the worst things that will happen to Luffy after this epic fight.

For example, Luffy might be unconscious for the next few days. 

This reflects on what happened in the previous arc, for example the Enies Lobby arc. 

After the fight against Rob Lucci, Luffy was unconscious for approximately three days. 

With the intensity of the fight much more massive, maybe Luffy will not be aware for a week after the fight against Kaido.

Then, another possibility is how Luffy's body condition will not be like before. 

As Ivankov once told Luffy, that by forcing his body condition to continue fighting then it could be fatal. 

Luffy's current physical condition is already very similar to his physical condition two years ago. 

However, still Luffy really made his body have to work beyond its maximum limit.

This of course can be bad for Luffy's body itself, where there is a possibility that damage to his body actually shortens Luffy's life. 

Now, it's Chopper's job to recover Luffy's stamina and strength. 

In fact, Chopper also had to be able to restore various organs in Luffy's body that were damaged by his fight against Kaido. 

Maybe this will be one of the other tests that Chopper will face to prove him to be a great doctor.

Luffy Becomes Wano's Protector?

One Piece 1052 Spoiler: Luffy's Fate in Wano Finally Revealed?

With the success of Luffy and the Straw Hat crew defeating Kaido finally made Wano free again. 

After suffering for the past 20 years, the residents of Wano are finally free to do whatever they want. 

They no longer need to worry about other threats that arise, because now they have a new Shogun figure, Kozuki Momonosuke.

Momonosuke is not alone. He will be assisted by Red Scabbards who are ready to protect and help Momonosuke take care of Wano. 

What's also remarkable of course is how Luffy will become Wano's new guardian figure. 

After Fishman Island, Luffy will most likely make Wano his territory. 

The people of Wano themselves will eventually find out who saved them from Kaido's hands.

This indirectly makes Luffy the new "protective god" of the Wano region. 

Luffy and the Straw Hat crew will be on the same level as other legendary figures, such as Shimotsuki Ryuma. In fact, it is not impossible that Luffy and his crew will be "adored" by some Wano residents. 

To be sure, now Luffy has succeeded in returning Wano's freedom from Kaido's hands. And it's interesting to see Wano's next role in Luffy's adventure.

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