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One Piece: What Are the Requirements to Become a Yonko?

One Piece: What Are the Requirements to Become a Yonko?

It is not easy for a pirate in One Piece to become a ruler of the ocean. 

This is because there are some special requirements that they must fulfill first. 

The four rulers of the ocean or what we usually know as the Yonko, are the strongest pirates in the entire world. 

They possess such immense power, that even the World Government itself recognizes their strength.

Because of this tremendous power, the four rulers of the ocean have become a major threat to the government and the navy. 

By becoming one of the world's great powers, it was only natural that not everyone could become the ruler of the ocean. 

However, there is an unwritten requirement to become a Yonko. 

Then, what are the things that a pirate must fulfill in order to become a ruler of the ocean?

Have Great Strength

One Piece: What Are the Requirements to Become a Yonko?

The first and most important requirement for a pirate to become a ruler of the ocean is to be the strongest. 

As mentioned above, the rulers of the ocean or Yonko are those who are the strongest pirates. 

The average rulers of this ocean do have tremendous power, either because of the power of their devil fruit or the power of their Haki.

An example is Big Mom who has the Soru Soru devil fruit where she can control human souls. 

Then Kaido has Uo Uo's devil fruit, Model: Seiryu which can make him a big dragon figure. 

Or another example is Shanks who is famous for his very powerful Haki abilities. 

He is proof that even without a devil fruit a pirate can become a strong figure.

Have Territory

One Piece: What Are the Requirements to Become a Yonko?

In addition to the formidable power, the Yonko are also involved in the political system in the World Government. 

And the territory of power is included in it. 

Each Yonko has a territory under their name. 

Usually, territories that were unable to protect themselves from threats would turn to the Yonko for help, asking for rewards.

For example, before he died, Whitebeard had become the protector of the fish-man island, before Big Mom took over the area and Luffy then seized the area and became his territory until now. 

Blackbeard had territory on the island of Hachinosu, which was also their base.

How about Buggy? 

Buggy turns out to have a territory in the New World called Karai Bari. 

The island has a town called Buggy Town. However, there is no information on when Buggy acquired the territory. 

Possibly, it happened after the time-skip happened. 

In addition, this island is also the headquarters of the criminal organization Buggy's Delivery.

Having a Large Crew

One Piece: What Are the Requirements to Become a Yonko?

Strength in terms of numbers is another important point in being the ruler of the ocean. 

As mentioned above, that the Yonko rule most of the oceans in the One Piece story. 

How then can they control these areas if the Yonko do not have "reinforcements".

Even the strongest One Piece character still needs help from other colleagues.

The Yonko must have a large number of crew to be able to run everything. 

For example, Whitebeard's group has a crew of thousands. 

It's the same with the Big Mom group, which has a crew of thousands. 

Kaido is probably the Yonko with the most crew, reaching 30 thousand people.

Blackbeard may not have a large crew yet, but he's constantly looking for new ones for his group. Shanks himself at first still numbered in the tens of people. 

However, in the latest SBS column yesterday it was known that the Shanks pirate group had grown rapidly and became one of the major pirate groups.

Based on the explanation above, the World Government must have considered why they appointed someone to become a Yonko. 

And of course they have to fulfill these conditions first. 

However, because the system is created by the World Government, it means that they can also provide exceptions or changes to these requirements.

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