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My Hero Academia: Why Quirk Overhaul Is Lost?

My Hero Academia: Why Quirk Overhaul Is Lost?

After there was no news, the figure of Kai Chisaki aka Overhaul finally returned in the My Hero Academia series. 

As we saw in the previous chapter, in the All For One attack on Tartarus, Lady Nagant managed to free him and then fled from the location. 

Lady Nagant herself deliberately freed Overhaul because she could be a useful figure in the future.

In fact, Lady Nagant herself knows that despite Chisaki's lack of contribution to the story, the two have been together ever since Lady Nagant escaped from prison. 

Overhaul itself is one of the most popular villains in the series where he tries to destroy the entire world. 

My Hero Academia: Why Quirk Overhaul Is Lost?

Kai Chisaki aka Overhaul is an old enemy of the world's greatest hero, All Might.

Chisaki's figure is able to create bullets that can erase other people's Quirks. 

In addition, he will also leak the Quirk to the public. 

All that he did with the hope that one day he would be able to become a leader of the criminal underworld like All For One. 

Besides, what makes Overhaul a dangerous figure is because of the Quirk he has.

Another strength of Chisaki is that she is able to "break" or "crush" any object and then reshape it the way she wants. 

In addition to objects, this ability is also able to function on living things. 

One touch of Overhaul, then the target or victim will be killed. 

However, unfortunately, in the latest information, Chisaki had to lose her Quirk.

How Chisaki Lost Her Quirk

My Hero Academia: Why Quirk Overhaul Is Lost?

Based on information from the Hawks' Villain Report, Overhaul currently no longer has the Quirk in him. 
Or in other words he had lost the ability to control the Quirk. 

But, unfortunately, until now we still don't get any information what later became the cause or what made Overhaul lose his Quirk.

In fact, when Overhaul lost the Quirk, there is still no information. 

This certainly surprised some of the fans. 

Because, previously there was information from the databook of how Overhaul got his body modified after he lost his arm. 

As you know, previously Chisaki had to lose both of her hands after getting an attack when she was about to head to Tartarus.

In the attack, Overhaul then had to accept the fact that he lost both of his hands. 

As a result of this, Chisaki had to lose her ability to control her Quirk. 

This is what then makes Chisaki then get a modification in his body, which this once again made him able to use Quirk.

However, the latest fact then again mentions that Chisaki must again lose her ability to use Quirk. 

This is certainly a big question mark among fans. 

Moreover, Horikoshi Sensei also still has not provided complete information regarding this matter. 

Was this the effect of the modifications in his body? 

It could be.

There is a possibility that the modification to the Overhaul's body is not perfect, which then makes it unable to use Quirk again. 

Or maybe this is a "side effect" of the modification. 

What is clear for now is that fans can only guess what made it happen.

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