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One Piece: Sabo Poster Appears, What Happened?

Sabo's fate is still one of the big mysteries in the One Piece series. Because we still don't know if he's alive or dead. 

As we know, in chapter 925 yesterday Sabo led the commanders of the Revolutionary Army to go to Mary Geoise. 

Their main plan is to save Kuma, who has turned into something terrible.

Unfortunately, their plan did not go smoothly because the Revolutionary Army had to deal with Fujitora and Ryokugyu. However, we don't know what happened next in that fight. 

Then, in chapter 956 yesterday there was bad news about Sabo through the Morgan newspaper. 

We can see this from the expressions of Dragon and the rest of the Revolutionary Army.

In addition, Makino and Dadan also seemed to be crying and seemed unable to believe what the Morgan newspaper presented about Sabo. 

Although we still don't know what really happened, some fans think that Sabo may be dead. 

However, there are also those who argue that the sabo might be caught by the World Government.

Besides, it's not impossible if Sabo is still alive and hiding somewhere. For now, the fate of Sabo is still a mystery. 

However, there is something interesting that appeared in chapter 1053 yesterday that might be a clue about the whereabouts and condition of Sabo.

Yesterday's chapter 1053 contained an interesting detail, which many geeks may have missed. 

In one of the panels at the beginning of the chapter, we can see a large image of Sabo's face plastered on a wall in an area. In the panel, there are several people reading the latest Morgan newspaper which shows the events in Wano, as well as news about the election of a new Yonko.

Sabo Hiding Somewhere?

If geeks pay attention, behind them there is a building in the form of a large wall where there is a photo of Sabo plastered there. 

Unfortunately, there is no information about where the location of this area is. What is clear is that they live in an area near the mountains. 

Then, what does the image of Sabo mean?

There are several possibilities that emerge from the picture. First, it could be that Sabo's figure is still alive and hiding in that area. 

Sabo might help the region to be free from the World Government's side or from the problems they face. 

And because of that, they then thought of Sabo as a hero or a big figure so they put a big picture of Sabo.

There is also a flag whose symbol is similar to that of the Revolutionary Army, which means that this is a possibility. 

Second, Sabo may not live or hide there but he has given or done something great in the area. As we know, the Revolutionary Army has always helped small areas from threats or the World Government.

Sabo may have been sent out or had purposely gone to the area to help them sort things out. After that, Sabo left and didn't stay there. 

However, just like the first possibility, Sabo is then considered a hero and the poster is a form of their respect for the figure of Sabo. 

Does the appearance of this image mean that Sabo is dead? The answer is no.

Why? Because, as has appeared in the previous article, it seems Oda Sensei will not present a very important figure like Sabo to then appear off-screen. 

It's not impossible that it would be a blunder if Oda did it. With a character as big as Sabo, at least Oda needs an epic scene like Ace to "kill him." 

Let's just wait, geeks, the next news about Sabo in the latest chapter of One Piece.

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