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Spy X Family: Anya Has Her Own “Mission”?

After in the previous chapter of Spy X Family we saw how the past story of Twilight was, finally the latest chapter of the Spy X Family series is back with a story about Anya. 

As we know, in chapter 62 we saw how the sad childhood story of Twilight was.

She had to lose both his parents and also his friends due to the attack from Ostania.

However, this loss does not make Twilight a grudge. 

She just wants the world to be better so that no one else feels the same way. 

This is what then made Twilight decide to become a secret agent for WISE. And it was that bad experience that finally made Twilight forgive Anya for getting the Tinitrus Bolt medal.

Anya and Her Personal Mission

Seeing how her father was disappointed with what he had done made Anya finally come to her senses. Anya realized that all this time she had not done everything she could. 

He realized this while talking to the head of the hostel, Henderson. In the conversation, Henderson gave his views and advice to Anya not to give up and become better.

This chapter really focuses on the character development of Anya, while also showing us how Henderson tries to understand one of his students. 

To bring back the spirit of Anya, Henderson then took her to one of the rooms. 

The room contains various photos of students from Eden Academy who excel.

Anya had previously said that she wanted to be able to get the Stella medal, in order to become a member of the Imperial Scholars. 

Anya realized that it was a way to help Loid in carrying out his mission of world peace. 

Henderson then said that Anya could be like the people in the room, because they too had experienced "bad luck" such as receiving the Tinitrus Bolt medal.

Anya was completely in awe of these people, and it was here that she realized that she too had a personal mission. 

Namely being an intelligent person and becoming a member of the Imperial Scholars. 

Apart from seeing and admiring the members of the Imperial Scholars, Anya also saw how her parents had to work hard and she realized that she also had to work even harder and harder, in order to help her father's mission.

Predicting the Future?

Chapter 64 again presents an interesting story about the figure of Anya and also the adventures of the Forger family. 

What's interesting is that the chapters may give us an idea or prediction of what will happen next in the story. 

With this new Anya figure starting to think about getting better and trying hard, we might see Anya get her second Stella medal.

If this really happened, it would mean that Anya would be one step ahead of becoming a member of the Imperial Scholars. 

Although there is no definite confirmation yet, it is likely that we will see the next arc which will focus on Anya's figure and also her struggles to become a smart student. 

Will Anya succeed in becoming a member of the Imperial Scholars? 

Will Anya succeed in her personal mission to help Loid? We look forward to the continuation of the story, okay!

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