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One Piece: Is this the Ryokugyu Devil Fruit?

The figure of Ryokugyu or Green Bull is still a mystery to this day in the story in the One Piece series. 

Ryokugyu is an admiral in the central navy, where he and Fujitora replace Sakazuki and Aokiji. 

There wasn't much information about his figure or his strength so far. 

Oda Sensei himself still hasn't provided any information regarding his figure.

Even so, Doflamingo himself admitted that Green Bull and Fujitora were very extraordinary figures. 

Talking about the power of the Green Bull, many fans speculate that the admiral has a devil fruit power which is closely related to his current weirdness. 

Green Bull is known to have not eaten anything in the last three years. However, the power of the Green Bull is still very powerful.

Lotus Devil Fruit

There are many theories from fans who try to explain about this Green Bull figure. 

However, in the last panel in chapter 1052 we saw how the Green Bull flew towards Wano. 

Not using a ship or anything, he just used some kind of lotus flower or lotus that appeared on his back. 

The flower acts as a propeller that lifts the Green Bull to fly.

Why then the shape of the propeller is similar to a lotus flower is quite interesting. 

This may also have something to do with the Green Bull devil fruit, where the devil fruit has a power similar to a lotus. 

Maybe the devil fruit is a new type or the only one, like the water type devil fruit that Kaido has.

In the real world, the lotus is a flower that lives in a swamp or mud. They only absorb oxygen and water as food. 

Maybe this is also why the Green Bull doesn't need to eat. Because, all he needed was water and air. 

In addition, this flower also requires sunlight in very large quantities. Otherwise, the flower will rot.

This may also be the source of the Green Bull's strength where he does not need to eat or drink. All he needed was strength or an intake of sunlight. 

If then this is true, of course it will be very interesting because it is very rare for someone to have the power of a devil fruit based on plants or herbs.

Other Devil Fruits

In addition to the devil fruit related to the lotus flower, it is also possible that the devil fruit from Green Bull is related to nature. One theory that had appeared among fans regarding the Green Bull devil fruit was the Mythical Zoan Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Leshy. 

The figure of Leshy is a mythological creature originating from the Slavic region (Russia, Poland, and surrounding areas).

Leshy is closely related to forests as well as horns.

Leshy herself has a human-like form. The closest example is the character Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy story. 

With this form, Leshy is able to change the shape and size of her body. Leshy often leads explorers in the forest to get lost or kidnap children. 

That's why Leshy is portrayed as an evil character .

However, some stories also say that Leshy's attitude and character depend on her human figure. 

There are also those who think of Leshy as a figure who looks like a fairy. 

With the ability of photosynthesis, Leshy does not need food. 

Maybe this is also the reason why Greenbull hasn't eaten for three years

The figure of Green Bull seems to be the attention of fans for the next few chapters, considering they have been curious about this character for a long time. 

And one of the things that makes them curious is about the power of the devil fruit he has. 

We'll just have to wait, geeks, what kind of powerful power Green Bull will have in the next chapter.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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