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One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoilers: Entering a New World Order

Chapter 1052 is named "New Morning" and will include Germa's experience with Caesar on the cover.

The Gorosei shared with CP0 that it was amazing to see two Emperors fall at the same time.

It also noticed how impossible it was for them to cover this up and the word would come out in its entirety very quickly.

CP0 agents said they would bring back Nico Robin, but the channel had been closed suddenly got a message from Den Mushi.

Hawkins consults with Drake about the fight, his injuries, and the flexibility of Kid and his team.

Drake thought he would switch sides, but Hawkins said he was implying himself.

While talking about a 1% prime chance of someone having endurance, predicts Kaido's defeat with his cards but refuses to make one more sale for pride.

Thank you from Wanokuni Residents

Residents noted that they had never actually met the “Joy Boy” character.

When Kinemon, Kawamatsu and Marco discuss to build many new memorials nearby to honor those who fought and those who lost.

Cut to Hiyori running to Yamato to tell him that Luffy and Zoro have finally woken up.

They immediately start fighting with Momo as she currently has a mature body, prompting Nami to be approached to help her stop the abuse.

Yamato joked that he really wanted to take a shower, and everyone also agreed and they split into male and female.

Next, the residents got ready for one more big party to watch Luffy and Zoro awaken from their extreme sluggishness.

Nonetheless, Law, Killer and Kid are all discussing how they will be focused on by the powers around the world and that closing the boundaries will only help for a long time.

They must remain vigilant. Apoo later revealed that they are currently called the "new Yonko".

The chapter concludes with Ryokugya telling Akainu that they are going to Wano, with the following buster call.

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One Piece Chapter 1053 Release Date and Predictions

One Piece chapter 1053 is scheduled to be released on June 17, 2022. For additional information, the last chapter 1053 and the One Piece manga will be on hiatus for one month.

There are no spoilers at the moment, and if they do, we'll update them soon, of course, stay with us.

There's still a lot that hasn't been answered before chapter 1052 has been released, but there may be some predictions for us for now regarding the upcoming new chapter.

The explanation of the new bounty and Kaido's defeat has been published in the newspaper, who knows who managed to share the big news, this is also based on Apoo's words.

Is one chapter before this hiatus Oda will show him a new Yonko candidate to a new bounty. It could be yes and it could be no.

The balance of the current One Piece world has completely changed based on the decision to remove the Yonko and Shicibukai, and of course will enter a new world order.

There is another possibility that these two chapters will likely focus on Wano again. It's also because Admiral Ryokugyu will be heading there.

Some others make waiting, namely the fate of Kaido and Big Mom are they really dead? Plus the current state of Big Mom and Kaido's subordinates as well as the CP0 steps that are still in Wano.

Apart from focusing Ryokugyu on going to Wano, we will also think about CP0's plan to kidnap Nico Robin at this time, and the Gorosei haven't given orders to withdraw from Wano either.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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