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One Piece 1054 Spoiler: The Reason Buggy Was Chosen As Yonko Revealed?

One Piece 1054 Spoiler: The Reason Buggy Was Chosen As Yonko Revealed?

The Yonko are one of the great powers in the One Piece world, apart from the navy and the World Government. 

The fall of one of them, or even two at once, naturally changed the balance of world power. 

Not wanting that to happen, after the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom, the World Government quickly appointed a replacement for Kaido and Big Mom as Yonko. 

The two new Yonko figures are Monkey D. Luffy and also Buggy.

The election of Luffy as the new Yonko has long been predicted by fans. 

In fact, since the Whole Cake Island arc, the Morgan newspapers have made propaganda that Luffy defeated Big Mom and became the fifth Yonko.

Not to mention that Luffy finally managed to defeat Kaido, so it makes sense that he would later become the next Yonko. 

However, what about the figure of Buggy? 

Many of the fans did not expect this. 

The reason is, so far Buggy is very rare to appear. 

The last time Buggy appeared was in the Reverie arc, when all the Shichibukai were shown preparing to face the navy. 

This became a big surprise among fans for the election of Buggy.

Why was Buggy Chosen?

One Piece 1054 Spoiler: The Reason Buggy Was Chosen As Yonko Revealed?

For now, the election of Buggy as one of the new Yonko in the One Piece series is still a mystery. 

We could say that Buggy is actually an underrated character, which makes sense for many fans to be surprised by this information. 

Even so, that doesn't stop fans from speculating or theorizing about this.

There is speculation about several reasons why Buggy later became a Yonko figure. 

The first reason is that the Buggy pirate group is considered to have similarities with other Yonko pirate groups. 

For example, because of their large crew, the Buggy pirate group poses a threat to the World Government, and they also have territories.

These three things have so far become "requirements" to become a Yonko, and Buggy fulfills them. 

Furthermore, another possible reason why Buggy became a Yonko is because of the parallels or similarities with the Straw Hat pirate group. 

For example, the Buggy pirate group has a Cabaji figure who is considered similar to Roronoa Zoro's figure.

Then, there is the figure of Galdino who is considered similar to the figure of Sanji. 

Interestingly too, many think Alvida is very similar to Yamato. 

Although this second reason may be interesting, this reason is actually less strong, considering that other pirate crews also have "similarities" with Luffy's crew. 

And the last reason is how Buggy's “reputation” is in the eyes of people.

Buggy Is A Very “Strong” Figure

One Piece 1054 Spoiler: The Reason Buggy Was Chosen As Yonko Revealed?

One thing that made Buggy so popular in the eyes of people and people so respectful towards Buggy was his great reputation. 

As we know, Buggy is a former crew of the pirate group Gol D. Roger who is a former pirate king. 

Then, he also has a deep connection with the figure of Shanks, one of the Yonko who so people respect.

And of course we won't forget how Buggy managed to escape with Luffy from Impel Down prison, along with hundreds of other prisoners. 

All these moments made Buggy's figure so big in the eyes of people, without them knowing what Buggy's real figure was. 

In fact, the World Government itself recognizes the "greatness" of Buggy.

That reputation continues to this day. 

Because many people don't know the real facts, it seems natural and reasonable if Buggy's career continues to climb until now. 

Also, Buggy is a "lucky" figure where in every big fight – which could have cost him his life – he always managed to survive. 

Apart from all that, of course, it will be interesting to see how Buggy's future figure will be as a Yonko. 

And how then Buggy also fights in a serious condition in the latest One Piece.

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