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Boruto: Besides Reflection, This is the Epic Power of Daemons!

Boruto: Besides Reflection, This is the Epic Power of Daemons!

Eida has indeed a new threat to Konoha and also the whole world in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation series. 

With the power of her Senrigan, she is able to see into the past or the future. 

In addition, she was also able to predict what would happen next. 

This is what makes Eida a dangerous enemy figure.

However, apart from Eida and Code, there is another big threat figure who can give Konoha and the other shinobi nightmares, namely Daemon. 

He is the younger brother of Eida, who both have tremendous powers. 

Daemons have an ability called "Reflection". 

As the name implies, this technique is able to "bounce" attacks that lead to the Daemon figure.

Anyone who attacks a Daemon and has the intention to kill it, then the attack will return to the form of the attacker. 

The most vivid and new example of Daemon's technique is shown in Boruto chapter 71, where Code is about to attack Daemon which stops him from killing Amado. 

However, it turns out that Daemon's power is not just that.

Has Great Taijutsu Ability

Boruto: Besides Reflection, This is the Epic Power of Daemons!

In addition to showing the ability of Reflection, in Boruto chapter 71 we also see other abilities of Daemon. 

In the fight we see how Daemon really has the upper hand. 

Code seems powerless to face Eida's younger brother's abilities, even though he just released his inner limiter. 

Not only that, Daemon even mocked Code because of his strength.

Daemon himself admits that Code is a strong figure. 

However, according to him, the strength and ability of Code is still only at the level of Uchiha or Hokage. 

This means that Daemon's power level is still far above Code's strength. 

And this he shows how Code can be easily disabled. In fact, Daemon defeated Code by using Taijutsu techniques.

From the battle, it appears that Daemon's level of Taijutsu ability is above average. 

Code had crashed several times due to his attacks. 

And evidence of the awesomeness of the Daemon attack can also be seen from the effects that appear on the destroyed walls or floors. 

This means that there are already two powerful powers that Kishimoto has brought from the Daemon figure.

Based on that, Taijutsu is not a way to be able to face or defeat Daemons. 

Previously, there had been speculation about several possible ways to be able to deal with Daemons, one of which was Taijutsu. 

Although Taijutsu is capable of injuring his opponent, his attacks are not lethal.

However, after seeing Daemon's abilities in this chapter, it seems unlikely that Taijutsu will be the answer to dealing with Daemons. 

Even so, that doesn't mean Daemon is impossible to defeat using Taijutsu. 

Perhaps, as long as the calculations and also the figure facing Daemon is the right one there is still a chance for Konoha and the other shinobi to defeat Daemon.

Able to Use Ninjutsu?

Boruto: Besides Reflection, This is the Epic Power of Daemons!

Unfortunately, chapter 71 hasn't shown any other Daemon abilities. 

As written in the previous paragraph, in this chapter we have only seen two abilities of Daemons, namely Reflection and also the ability of Taijutsu. 

So far, there hasn't been any hint of a Daemon capable of using Ninjutsu or even Genjutsu. 

And it looks like he doesn't have that ability.

We can see this from the figure of Eida and also the appearance of Daemon so far. 

Both seem to have never used any Ninjutsu techniques, apart from relying on Senrigan and Reflection. 

Perhaps they intentionally saved this ability for emergencies or when facing an enemy they considered a worthy foe.

If then they are indeed Ninjutsu users, then we can confirm that both of them are overpowered characters. 

With Code which is no longer an alliance of Code and Daemon, then how Amado invites the two to move to Konoha, and Code who has a grudge against all parties, especially Kawaki and Konoha, it is interesting to see the other strengths of Daemon and also Eida.

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