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One Piece 1053 Spoiler: Knowing Admiral Ryokugyu's Power!

One Piece 1053 Spoiler: Knowing Admiral Ryokugyu's Power!

The One Piece series is one of the longest running manga and anime series for more than two decades. Over these two decades, countless stories have emerged. 

Not only the story, there are also many characters that are introduced and shown throughout the story. 

Some of these characters only appear briefly.

However, there are also some other characters that have not appeared in detail or in detail. 

They only appear briefly, where usually these characters appear in the form of silhouettes or only parts of their bodies. 

While the part of his face still hasn't been shown by Oda Sensei. 

One vivid example of this is Admiral Green Bull aka Ryokugyu.

Who is Admiral Ryokugyu

One Piece 1053 Spoiler: Knowing Admiral Ryokugyu's Power!

Admiral Ryokugyu is one of the new admirals that appears in the One Piece story, besides the figure of Fujitora. Ryokugyu himself became one of the admirals, besides Fujitora, who replaced the two previous admirals, Sakazuki and Kuzan. 

Actually, the name Ryokugyu itself is a pseudonym. And until now, there is still no information about what his real name is.

Ryokugyu himself became a navy admiral at the time of the time-skip, along with the election of Fujitora as another admiral. 

The figure of Ryokugyu himself first appeared in chapter 905 yesterday, and episode 882 in the anime version. 

In that moment, Green Bull and Fujitora briefly discussed the abolition of the Shichibukai system that occurred in the Reverie incident.

After the Reverie incident, there was information that the Green Bull had been involved in a battle with the Revolutionary Army commanders, including Sabo. 

However, Oda has not provided information about how the results of the battle will be. 

So far, Oda Sensei has not provided much information regarding the character of Ryokugyu.

Admiral Green Bull's Strength

One Piece 1053 Spoiler: Knowing Admiral Ryokugyu's Power!

As with the identity of the Green Bull, not much information is shared about Oda's strength. 

According to Doflamingo, he is a true monster in terms of strength. 

That is, the power level of the Green Bull is very strong and powerful. 

How then he also fought against the commander of the Revolutionary Army, could be another proof that Green Bull's strength was on par with other admirals, or maybe even much stronger.

One thing that is interesting about the figure of the Green Bull is that for the last three years he has not eaten anything. 

This is certainly an abnormal time for an ordinary human being. 

However, he proved to be still capable of fighting with the Revolutionary Army commanders. 

Many theories have tried to explain the power of this Ryokugyu. 

For example, there is a theory that Ryokugyu ate a devil fruit which made him no longer need to eat.

Similar to Uruouge's devil fruit, Ryokugyu's devil fruit makes him stronger by holding back hunger. 

In addition, there is also a theory that says that Ryokugyu has eaten the Mythical Zoan devil fruit related to nature. 

Because of that, he no longer needed to eat and could produce his own food. 

However, as an admiral as well as a member of the navy, Ryokugyu likely mastered Rokushiki techniques as well as Haki abilities.

Green Bull Comes to Wano

One Piece 1053 Spoiler: Knowing Admiral Ryokugyu's Power!

In One Piece Chapter 1052 we get information that the admiral will come to Wano. 

This is certainly a big surprise, considering that previously Sakazuki himself had prevented Kuzan from coming to Wano. 

According to him, they do not know for sure what the strength of the Wano samurai is. 

On the other hand, the naval forces are also being divided as they try to capture the Shichibukai.

What was also surprising was how Green Bull came to Wano on full alert with a large fleet. 

The navy seemed to have initiated a Buster Call towards Wano which was then represented by Green Bull. 

This means that Wano is in danger, and the Straw Hat crew and the rest of Luffy's alliance must again prepare to face a major naval attack.

Will Face Zoro in One Piece?

One Piece 1053 Spoiler: Knowing Admiral Ryokugyu's Power!

Talking about the navy, there is a lot of speculation that some members of the Straw Hats will face off against the admirals. 

Zoro himself was originally predicted to fight Fujitora. 

However, in another theory states that it may not happen. 

The reason is, Fujitora is actually on Luffy's side. 

He sympathizes and is of the same mind as Luffy.

Based on this, the possible opponent Zoro will likely face is Green Bull. 

This is based on their identical color, which is green. 

In addition, there is speculation or possibility that Greenbull is also a sword user, so that would be another clue that Zoro will fight against Green Bull.

For now, fans can only speculate and theorize given the very little information about Greenbull.

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