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One Piece 1052 Spoiler Update: One of the Three Supernovas Named New Yonkou

One Piece 1052 Spoiler Update: One of the Three Supernovas Named New Yonkou

Even though two Yonkou have lost, in One Piece 1052 only one of the three Supernovas will be crowned as the new Yonkou.

Only one of Law, Kid, and Luffy will be the new Yonkou in One Piece 1052.

This was revealed in the news paper currently brought by Apoo.

Here's the One Piece 1052 spoiler update regarding one of the three Supernovas who will become the new Yonkou.

The first page starts by showing the Gorosei talking about Luffy in Mariejoa's castle.

They look surprised that Nika finally reappeared.

The Gorosei also admitted that they could no longer cover up what happened in Wano because two Yonkou had fallen simultaneously.

Then one of the CP0 agents who reported said that Zunisha had disappeared into the mist.

Gorosei also explained that it meant that the borders of Wano country were still closed so it would be very difficult to control the country.

But the Gorosei still hope for the CP0 agent to catch Nico Robin.

The story then continues inside Onigashima castle. Drake and Hawkins were shown chatting.

Drake said that now is the right time for Hawkins to switch sides into an alliance.

Then the narrator shows Wano's condition after seven days have passed.

One Piece 1052 Spoiler Update: One of the Three Supernovas Named New Yonkou

The residents of Wano are shown preparing a big party with great excitement.

Some of them were also seen talking about the figure of Joy Boy who had defeated Kaido.

They claimed to want to meet directly with Joy Boy who they considered a hero like Ryuma.

Meanwhile, the Akazaya and Marco are shown on a pilgrimage to the graves of two recently killed Akazaya, Ashura and Izo.

Then some time later Hiyori announced that Zoro and Luffy had finally regained their senses.

Luffy and Zoro immediately ate a large amount of food accompanied by laughter from allies such as Yamato and Momonosuke.

Interestingly Zoro is shown to be surprised to see Momonosuke who has grown up.

He was surprised by Momonosuke's body which was now as sturdy as his father Oden.

Even out of curiosity, Zoro wanted to immediately duel with Momonosuke.

Of course Momonosuke refused because he realized that he was still much weaker than Zoro.

After that, some moments of joy from the Straw Hat crew and the alliance were shown, such as eating and bathing in a hot spring together.

Then at the place where Kid and Law were located near the Tokage port, Apoo suddenly came with a news paper.

It turned out that in the paper there was already a new bounty from the Straw Hat crew and their allies including Kid and Law.

Apoo then explained that in the newspaper there was one person who had been dubbed the new Yonkou.

That means only one of Luffy, Kid, and Law will become a Yonkou, not all three.

Then the last page shows Akainu talking to Ryokugyu and asking his position.

Ryokugyu then replied that he was currently flying in the sky and was approaching Wano.

Akainu then asked Ryokugyu to do something that was not necessary.

Here Ryokugyu is shown going to Wano using a flower-shaped propeller stuck in his back.

That was the discussion on the spoiler for the One Piece 1052 update regarding one of Luffy, Kid or Law who will become the new Yonkou.

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