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One Piece 1052 Spoiler: Sabo's Fate Finally Revealed?!

One Piece 1052 Spoiler: Sabo's Fate Finally Revealed?!

In the last chapter of One Piece, peace finally returns to the land of Wano after 20 years of suffering. 

This is because Wano is in the grip of two cruel rulers, namely Kaido and Orochi. 

They were all really oppressed, even the residents of Wano had to feel hunger and pain as a result of it. 

However, in the end, everything was finished thanks to the struggle of Luffy's alliance.

By cooperating with various parties, such as the Minks, Samurai, Ninja, and pirates, the two leaders finally succeeded for them to conquer. 

And this was finally their victory after a long time of suffering. 

Wano now has a new leader who is none other than Kozuki Momonosuke.

One Piece Chapter 1052 Leaks (Predictions)

One Piece 1052 Spoiler: Sabo's Fate Finally Revealed?!

Fans are certainly very curious about what will happen next, and fortunately One Piece is not off this week. 

Then, what will happen in chapter 1052 later? 

First, we may still see how the situation in Wano was after the previous epic battle. 

People still can't believe that Kaido and Orochi they managed to beat.

Chances are, we'll see how the sun rises in Wano. 

For those of you who don't know, the time setting for the battle in Onigashima takes place at night. 

We can see this from the full moon that allows the Minks to use their Sulong form. 

And the battle at Onigashima itself likely ended before dawn.

Hints of this come from the Twitter account Redon, which usually leaks the latest One Piece chapter. 

In one of his uploads, there is a picture of the sun rising. 

This means that a new era in Wano is coming. 

This is also in accordance with Kozuki Toki's prediction regarding the possibility of a Wano era revival one day.

And we can also interpret the sun that dawn in the Wano area has arrived. 

Then, Redon again presented clues about the next leak. In another upload, Redon presents a picture of someone who is surprised. 

Although the image has many meanings, we can assume that something big is happening.

For example, there is someone who happens to be alive namely Kaido and Big Mom. 

Or maybe Ashura Doji too. 

The fate of these three characters is still unknown to us, although most fans speculate that they are dead. 

In addition to the characters who are still alive, there may be other surprises that can certainly shake up the fans of the series.

More Predictions

One Piece 1052 Spoiler: Sabo's Fate Finally Revealed?!

In addition to the predictions above there are also several other predictions. 

With the big events in Wano ending, maybe Oda Sensei will finally start showing what's going on outside Wano. 

During this third act, we hardly ever see anything happening outside of Wano. 

Because of that, the fans were curious about what was going on. Maybe we'll see how the fate of the Shichibukai.

Or we can also see how the fate of Sabo, which many people question his condition. Is he still alive? 

Or is it already dead? Is he a government prisoner? 

Fourth, we might see what the fate of CP-0's aid will be in attacking Wano. 

As we know, in chapter 1028 yesterday Zunesha appeared and tried to block the CP-0 support fleet.

However, we don't know what happened next. 

Momonosuke himself did not give Zunesha any orders or even report that help was coming. 

Because of that, we'll probably see what happens to them. 

And we may also see news from the navy, which was worried about the battle at Wano. 

The news of Kaido's defeat seemed to spread quickly. 

It will be interesting to see how they react to this.

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