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One Piece 1052 Spoiler : Luffy's Weakness Revealed After Using Gear 5th

The continuation of One Piece 1052's story was implicitly leaked by one of Oda's editors in the previous chapter.

It seems that the note from the editor seems to mention Luffy's weakness after using Gear 5th in One Piece 1052 later.

Although the record has not been confirmed, it seems that fans are too happy with the leaked stories that might happen to One Piece 1052.

Based on these records, fans began to theorize about Luffy's weakness after using his Gear 5th technique.

So what is the actual content of the editor's note that fans theorize like that?

Quoted from the Sportskeeda page, it was stated that in an upload on Twitter there was a narrative that was allegedly recorded by the editor of Oda.

In the leaked note it is written "The battle is finally over. What happened to Luffy after the fierce battle?".

From the Twitter upload, fans speculated that after fighting all out and using many moves through his Geat 5th technique, Luffy would be in a very weak condition.

Fans then mentioned that Luffy's weak condition would affect the pressure of his vital organs.

Like when Luffy uses Gear 2nd technique, his heart will weaken.

Also when he uses Gear 4th, he can't use his Haki for ten minutes.

Considering Gear 5th is a very powerful technique and also really drains Luffy's Haki.

Possibly after using this technique, Luffy will get worse side effects than the previous Gear technique.

One fan even speculated that Luffy will temporarily not be able to use any moves after he uses this Gear 5th technique.

Another fan said that it's clear that Luffy is injured and is currently resting, which means that whatever other impact is to come it's bound to be severe.

So what is the true meaning of the leaked editor's notes?

Whatever that means, fans have been arguing about what will happen to Luffy and how he will approach him in the next arc.

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