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One Piece 1052 Reddit Spoiler: Yamato Will Replace Zoro For A Time?


Here's the One Piece 1052 spoiler from Reddit, discussing whether Yamato will temporarily replace Zoro?

One Piece 1052 Reddit spoilers, where the wano story arc conflict reaches its end. Need to pay attention again.

In One Piece 1052 there will be no more fighting conflicts as some fans hoped for Kaido and bigmom to rise will not happen.

Then whether Yamato will replace Zoro for a while.

As is well known, as emotionally exhausting as Chapter 1051 is, it has left some of the unanswered questions people have been looking for.

These questions are urgent and need to be answered in order for the story of the two more important characters to continue.

It's time we discussed Yamato and Zoro. Remember, in chapter 1051, Yamato had expressed his wish to join the Straw Hat crew and at the other end of the story.

Zoro is seriously injured and is being treated. This chapter doesn't mention anything about Zoro.

Which makes fans wonder whether Zoro will make it out of here or not.

We see Yamato will be joining the crew but fans are wondering what role Yamato will have for the Straw Hats?

Everyone in the crew has a role and since Luffy wants ten crew members in the end, there must be something for him, right?

Considering who he was, and what his past was like, a suitable role was a must.

Some suggest that he could be an excellent journal keeper.

While others suggest he could be the next Oden, since that's what he calls himself.

What is Yamato's real role in the Straw Hats?

Yamato's ideal role would be as an experienced quartermaster, primarily tracking the Straw Hats' adventures throughout the rest of the story.

The role not only served a purpose for the Straw Hat crew, it ended the arc perfectly.

For the role of Zoro which will be replaced by Yamato most likely will not happen.

Zoro in his own role as a swordsman and ship guard at night. And Amto will play his role as a fighter.

Yamato will also play a role and have a participation because he knows a lot of information from the oden journal he reads.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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