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One Piece 1052: Luffy Faces Serious Problems After Using Gear 5 to Defeat Kaido

Not a few fans are talking about the prediction of One Piece 1052 which will be released this week.

Fans are wondering if Kaido will rise in the One Piece 1052 prediction.

In One Piece 1052's prediction, it seems that the power of Luffy's Gear 5 must be paid dearly by the Straw Hat Captain.

The following is the prediction of One Piece 1052 that many fans are talking about.

While some fans are hoping for Kaido to bounce back in One Piece 1052, chances are this won't happen if Luffy is more injured than previously thought.

While there are no spoilers for One Piece 1052 yet, there is a note from the editor that teases fans.

The note was leaked in the previous chapter which seems to point to a big problem with Luffy in the upcoming chapter.

Many fans had previously theorized that Gear 5 put a tremendous amount of pressure on Luffy.

The theory is based on certain moments during his fight with Kaido.

If Kaido is going to get up, of course Luffy's current condition doesn't allow him to fight him.

Previously, this serious thing also happened when Luffy activated Gear 2 which had an impact on his heart.

Although unconfirmed, Gear 4 seems to have the same impact overall and heart.

As is known, Gear 5 is a very strong form of Luffy's power.

Writer Eiichiro Oda reportedly wants to prevent its use at every opportunity.

Fans had interesting reactions to this teaser, especially with Luffy himself.

Some theorize that the effects have something to do with the body or the devil fruit.

This means there will be interesting consequences associated with using the Gear 5.

Luffy being unable to use his devil fruit powers for a period of time after Gear 5 seems like a good idea.

Another fan pointed out how Luffy was injured and resting after the fight.

Several other fans seemed to agree with this assessment, as well as expressing their wishes for the Straw Hat captain to be okay.

There are also fans who have specifically expressed their annoyance at such concerns.

In conclusion, although spoilers or leaks for One Piece 1052 are not yet available, it will be interesting to discuss Luffy's state after this Onigashima Attack.

Triggered by the latest leak of editors' notes, fans have been debating and theorizing about what went wrong with Luffy.

Likewise with the approach of what he will do in the future.
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