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Hunter X Hunter: Kurapika's 5 Powers!

Hunter X Hunter: Kurapika's 5 Powers!

Of all the existing Shounen genre anime series, Hunter X Hunter is one of the anime series that has a complex power system. 

Because of the complexity of the power system in the anime, it is not uncommon for fans to have difficulty understanding everything. 

In addition to having difficulty understanding the abilities of the characters, they also have difficulty understanding the strengths of certain characters.

One of the characters who has interesting and epic powers in the series is Kurapika. 

Kurapika is an easygoing, quiet, and kind character. 

Even so, Kurapika holds a great grudge against the Phantom Trope group of villains. This is because the group has killed all of its clan members.

Kurapika's Nen ability as well as her main weapon is a set of chains tied to her right hand. 

This is what later made Kurapika more famous as a Conjuror figure. 

That is, through his Nen abilities Kurapika is able to manipulate anything. 

He is able to control the size, distance, or even movement of the chains.

When Kurapika then activated his Scarlet Eyes, he was no longer a Conjuror but a Specialist. 

That is, Kurapika has fully mastered various other types of aura and then combined them with his chains. 

It makes Kurapika will have five abilities in each finger.

1. Thumb: Holy Chain

Hunter X Hunter: Kurapika's 5 Powers!

Holy Chain was the name of the chain weapon that Kurapika had on her thumb. 

And as the name suggests, this power gives it the ability to heal various wounds. 

This power could normally only be wielded by an Enchancer, but Kurapika trained herself to be able to use this power.

Under normal use, the Holy Chain is able to quickly heal bruises or other minor injuries. 

However, when Kurapika's Scarlet Eyes are active, the effect of the Holy Chain will increase. 

The chains are capable of healing various fractured bones as well as healing damaged internal organs in a matter of seconds.

2. Index Finger: Steal Chain

Hunter X Hunter: Kurapika's 5 Powers!

Steal Chain is the name of the chain on Kurapika's index finger. 

This is one of Kurapika's most unique abilities, because this ability allows her to be able to steal other people's Nen. The shape of this chain is like a small syringe. 

When Kurapika uses this chain, he will pierce her target and then suck their Nen into the needle.

After this process occurs, the victim will turn into Zetsu, a moment or period where the aura in a person's body disappears. 

Those that Kurapika manages to steal will not be able to use any power, until he restores the power.

What's also extraordinary is that when Kurapika uses Emperor Time, he can use an ability called Stealth Dolphin. 

This allowed him to analyze the Nen he stole and then lend it to someone else. 

However, when Kurapika used Emperor Time he had to lose one hour of his life.

3. Middle Finger: Chain Jail

Hunter X Hunter: Kurapika's 5 Powers!

Chail Jail is a chain that has an end that looks like a hook or fishing rod. 

Chain Jail has the ability to trap its target secretly, and then bind the enemy's body parts. 

When this happens, the enemy will be difficult to move. 

In fact, this Chain Jail is able to force its victims to be in Zetsu mode, which prevents them from using Nen abilities.

Since this technique renders the victim incapable of using Nen, the only way to escape this technique is to rely on their physical strength. 

However, even with great strength, they are not necessarily able to escape. 

Uvogin, the strongest Phantom Trope member, couldn't even escape this technique. 

Kurapika has also made arrangements for this chain, where the power will only apply to Phantom Trope members.

4. Ring Finger: Dowsing Chain

Hunter X Hunter: Kurapika's 5 Powers!

Dowsing Chain is a chain with a small ball attached to the chain. 

However, despite its simple appearance, Dowsing Chain is one of Kurapika's mainstay chains. 

This is because various Dowsing Chains have many abilities and are the most unique chains. 

Kurapika can use it to attack or defend.

Also, again, as the name implies, this chain has the ability to search for missing people, objects, or determine whether someone is lying or not. 

When Kurapika activated Emperor Time, the effects of the Dowsing Chain could even be controlled from afar. 

In fact, through a video show though.

5. Little Finger: Judgment Chain

Hunter X Hunter: Kurapika's 5 Powers!

Judgment Chain is one of Kurapika's other chains that is very terrible. 

Judgment Chain has the ability to force someone to comply with a treaty that they will not be able to break. 

To be able to use this chain, Kurapika will shoot the chain until it penetrates the victim's chest.

Their hearts will be entangled by the chain.

Kurapika could at least make two rules or agreements that the victim had to follow. 

If they later were unable to comply with the rules, or even tried to break the agreement, then their hearts would break. 

No matter how far away from Kurapika was, it would be certain that the victim died.

From the explanation of Kurapika's five chains, we can conclude that his figure is both very dangerous and strong. 

He is able to protect various aspects in battle ranging from attack, defense, support, setting traps, interrogating enemies, and so on. 

It seems natural that then Kurapika is the most unique and most versatile Nen user with various abilities.

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