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One Piece 1051: Wano and Skypiea Turns To Be Interrelated, The Existence Of Seastone Is The Proof

Ahead of the upcoming release of One Piece 1051, fans are starting to speculate that Wano Country has a relationship with Skypiea.

The speculation arose after various clues were issued by Eiichiro Oda in One Piece 1050.

In One Piece 1050, it is known that Kaido and Big Mom were defeated until they fell underground in Wano into the lava lake.

This has an impact on the eruption of an underwater volcano in Wano.

For a while, fans were left wondering how Seastone was made in Wano.

Several theories later stated that this might have something to do with Skypiea which could have a major impact on the One Piece 1051 storyline and into the future.

It looks like there will be some volcanic activity in One Piece 1051 which is a basic requirement for making Seastone.

Seastone is known to be made of a substance known as pyrobloin that comes from volcanic eruptions.

When it hits water from the atmosphere, the material can form sea clouds and islands dense enough for Skypieans to traverse.

Very little information is known about Seastone, but it does come from Wano.

Basil Hawkins mentioned it to Trafalgar Law when he used Seastone spikes on him.

Based on this information, there must be volcanic activity somewhere in Wano.

It was revealed in One Piece 1050 that this had happened in the Wano underground area.

Through an unknown means, the residents of Wano somehow made the Seastone material.

Not only that, One Piece 1050 is also known to bring attention to certain theories about Skypiea.

It is said that in ancient times Wano had separated from Jaya which in the combined map of Skypiea was in the form of a skull.

In ancient times, Wanoi was known as the city of gold, but the materials are very difficult to find.

The idea is that Wano is the lost eye of Jaya, where he will be next door to the golden city of Shandora.

Theoretically, this theory was directly related to the Ancient Giant, who was responsible for moving the location.

Skypiean clouds are also made of Pyrobloin which is very likely to come from Mount Fuji, because paradise does not have many volcanoes.

This Seastone has the potential to link Wano and Skypiea together.

This speculative theory is still unknown, but there must be a reason why Seastone came from Wano.

One Piece 1051 which will be released soon will certainly bring a lot of attention back to Skypiea.

This can make One Piece fans even more curious to know the mystery.

Seastone may be just part of the mystery, but it may not be easy to piece together.

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