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One Piece 1051: Kaido Is Not Dead, Yonkou Is Still Alive!

One Piece 1051: Kaido Is Not Dead, Yonkou Is Still Alive!

Kaido who had left the battlefield because of his defeat didn't mean he was dead.

The defeat of Kaido who was trapped under the magma chamber of Wano country, gave him the opportunity to escape from the hands of the Marines (the navy in the One Piece series).

It is entirely possible for Kaido to return, given his similarities to Luffy and aspects of his background that have not been fully revealed.

Kaido has an extensive history and is not fully shown in the history of the strongest pirate Rocks.

Kaido is also very interested in Wano for reasons so far unexplained, but likely to have something to do with the true history of the world.

This aspect of Kaido's past will be much easier to show if he returns to the story.

Kaido and Big Mom are still in the deep magma well beneath the Wano underground, while the alliance has started celebrating victory in Onigashima.

One Piece 1051: Kaido Is Not Dead, Yonkou Is Still Alive!

With Momonosuke's mysterious statement not to have opened the borders of Wano and the rumbling in the distance, which seems to cast a bad shadow across the land.

Kaido briefly had a brief discussion with Luffy about devil fruit awakening, proving that he is really familiar with this power, but has failed to show it so far.

Kaido who was reputed to be the 'Strongest Being in the World', would almost certainly not fall from a simple blow.

In his introduction, he fell from the Sky Island and was completely unharmed or dead.

Kaido dying without his background or awakening shown, would feel very unreasonable.

Kaido stands as Luffy's parallel, a man who definitely has the power to become the Pirate King, but doesn't care about the freedom of others.

Despite his defeat, if there was any time for Kaido to return, then now would be it.

Disclaimer: Please note, this is only a theory in the One Piece series and there is no element to precede the mangaka Eiichiro Oda.

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