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Oda Gives 4 Hints for One Piece 1051, Yamato Becomes Nakama Luffy, Not Momonosuke Becomes Shogun Wano

 Eiichiro Oda through leakers on various forums has provided four hints for the One Piece 1051 manga.

One of the clues in One Piece 1051 is regarding Yamato who will be Luffy's next nakama.

Then there are other clues that indicate that Momonosuke will not be the new Shogun of Wano.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1051 regarding four hints from Oda, one of which alludes to Yamato as the next nakama Luffy.

The first clue is a silhouette image of a woman standing among many men.

This clue can be interpreted as a hard-working and strong woman who can be equal to the men.

Talking about such a woman, the figure of Yamato will certainly appear in our minds.

Because clearly in terms of Yamato's strength there is no need to doubt it. He can fight and hold off Kaido until Luffy returns.

Even then Kaido was also injured by a number of Yamato's attacks.

It is not impossible if this hint is a sign from Oda that Yamato will join as the next Luffy's nakama.

Besides Yamato, the female figure who is also in the spotlight in the Wano Arc is Kozuki Hiyori.

Even though she doesn't have any special powers to fight, Hiyori is very good at flirting and politics.

Then in the previous chapter it was still ambiguous when Denjiro said he would introduce the new Shogun Wano figure.

Because before Denjiro appeared, Hiyori appeared first.

So many fans believe that Hiyori who will serve as the new Shogun of Wano is not Momonosuke.

But it seemed like it would only be temporary until Momonosuke's mind was mature enough to lead a country.

Proceed to clue number two which shows the figure of an old grandmother who is surprised.

So far the figure of an old grandmother who has a name and reputation is Tsuru, one of the top Marines.

It seems that he will be shown to be surprised after hearing the news that the strongest being Kaido has been defeated.

But if you refer to the figure of a grandmother whose reputation is lower, then she is Kinemon's wife, Tsurujo.

Tsurujo will be shown to be surprised that he is finally reunited with Kinemon after being separated for 20 years.

Then the third clue shows a picture of a number of residents who are doing community service and building houses.

This clue is most likely related to the construction of the things that were damaged by the Onigashima and Wano battle.

But the meaning of the clue could be the rebuilding of the damaged Onigashima castle.

Moreover, Kaido himself had said he would rebuild Onigashima castle which was already very damaged.

Even though it was the enemy base but that was in the past, now that all of Kaido's subordinates had surrendered the place could be exploited.

It is possible that if they are not accepted to live side by side with the citizens of Wano, Kaido's subordinates will live in the Onigashima castle.

As for the possibility of both are cleaning to rebuild Wano as a whole.
Because Kaido's weapons factories have made a very severe pollution in Wano country.

Even clean water is hard to find, so cleaning up Wano in general is very feasible to do so that the natural environment can recover.

The point is that the people of Wano will try to restore their country to be fertile and prosperous as before.

Finally, the fourth clue shows the nine superheroes standing.
The number nine, of course, is none other than the Akazaya, which are nine people.

This seems to be in accordance with Toki's words 20 years ago where there were nine figures who would appear and bring dawn to Wano country.

Of course, the appearance of the Oden followers will be an unexpected surprise for the residents of Wano who think they are dead.

It will be interesting to see if these hints from Oda indicate that Yamato will be the next Luffy's crew in One Piece 1051.

It will also be revealed in One Piece 1051 whether Momonosuke or Hiyori will be the new Shogun of Wano.

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