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One Piece 1051: A New Arc Will Appear, Wano Country Is Predicted To Change

One Piece chapter 1050 is coming to an end. The story and journey of One Piece continues in chapter 1051.

This article will provide spoilers about predictions that will occur in the One Piece series chapter 1051.

This is a hint that will be a spoiler for One Piece chapter 1051.

The story instructions for the One Piece chapter 1051 series are mentioned as a preview of One Piece 1051 which appeared from the WSJ (Weekly Shonen Jump) magazine.

It is revealed that Luffy's fight against Kaido is over, so what will Wanokuni's future be like?

Wanokuni's geography changed due to the eruption disaster that occurred in the previous chapter.

Wanokuni will become a unified whole and have the same climate. Then the World Government Invasion will continue.

Roronoa Zoro becomes the next Ryuma by protecting Wano Kuni from the attacks of the world government.

Roronoa Zoro will be recognized as The New God Blade or King of Hell.

The reason for Wano Kuni's closing may be related to the origin of the sea stone.

The revelation of Wano Kuni which is called the land of gold.

Another prediction that will occur in One Piece 1051, including Big Mom being an important part of the explosion that occurred in the previous chapter.

Big Mom will be connected to an arc that has been announced for a long time, namely the Elbaf Arc.

This arc will fulfill the dream of the master shooter of the Straw Hat Pirates, namely God Usopp or Sogeking

Flashback to Big Mom's childhood, once she lived or was on the island of the Elbaf giants and the story is not clear, so we find out what the story was like.

A special relationship Big Mom with the ruler of the land there.

Where his son, Charlotte Lola, was once betrothed to Prince Elbaf, Prince Loki. However, the boy ran away because he wanted to find his true love.

Furthermore, the changes that occurred in the land of Wano Kuni after the borders of the country were opened. As is well known, Wano Kuni is a closed country, which is not affiliated with the world government.

Once its borders are opened, Wano Kuni Country under the leadership of prince Kozuki Momonosuke will be at the side of our beloved captain, Luffy.

With all the power that exists in the land of Wano Kuni, such as the very strong samurai army, weapons with the best quality iron.

An additional army of Gifted will be on Wano Kuni's side, because the tamer, Otoko is a little girl who loves Wano Kuni and knows Kozuki Momonosuke well.

The current Kozuki Momonosuke was the same being as the strongest being in the previous world. 

Momonosuke is a giant dragon with tremendous potential for power if it is fully mastered.

And lastly, a walking giant island that could sweep a fleet of ships easily was on Kozuki's side even following the prince's orders well.

How terrible is the land of Wano Kuni, isn't it? According to the instructions and the moving pictures, it seems to say, think carefully about what the future of Wano Kuni will be like under the leadership of the prince.

It's very interesting to wait for the truth in the next chapter.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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