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Spy X Family: Loid & Yor Relationship Will End?

At first in Spy X Family, the relationship that occurred between Yor Briar and Twilight/Loid Forger was built on an agreement. Twilight needs Yor's help to build a family to carry out a secret mission, 

Operation Strix. However, with the relationship that has gone so far, will they eventually part? 

Or will they really become a family?

The Spy x Family series is currently in the spotlight of anime and manga lovers around the world. 

By presenting various interesting and comedic elements in the story, it makes fans feel at home to continue following the story of the Forger family. 

In the story, a secret agent from Westalis named Twilight gets an important mission from his country.

The mission requires Twilight to build a family in a short time. 

This is necessary because it is one of the best ways to complete the mission. 

This is what later became the path for Twilight to later meet Yor 

Briar and also Anya. So far, the relationship between them is fine.

Loid and Yor's Relationship Will Not Continue?

However, the big question then is whether after everything is over their relationship will be over? It's still too early to answer this question. 

The reason is, the manga version itself is still not finished or there is still no clue that the story will end soon. 

Thus, it is difficult to really judge whether their relationship will continue.

Even so, from what has been presented in the manga so far, the relationship between Twilight and Yor is really very natural. In fact, the development of their relationship is very rapid. 

Moreover, the presence of Anya makes the relationship between Yor and Loid even closer. Both really follow the "plot" of the dynamics of the life of a husband and wife.

However, what we can also note is how Yor seems to really have feelings for Loid. It can be seen how jealous he is of the figure of Fiona Frost, a colleague of Loid. 

Fiona also has deep feelings for Loid. In fact, she is ready to kill Yor in order to fill the role of mother of Anya and wife of Loid.

Yor even thought that Fiona might shift her position because, Fiona is more reliable when it comes to cooking. 

This is what makes Yor then start learning to cook in order to get Loid's heart. Loid himself had told Yor that she was a good mother. 

And there is no reason for her to take her place as wife and mother.

Loid Feeling

Although Yor is trying very hard to get Loid's attention, and so that Loid doesn't shift his position, on the other hand Loid is trying to stay professional. 

He always tried not to involve feelings in this mission, which he always failed. Loid always tries to prioritize his work as well as his mission. 

However, in fact, Loid also has concern for both Anya and Yor.

We saw this in chapter 63c yesterday, where Loid finally realized that he couldn't force Anya. 

He remembered his childhood, and also recalled what his motivation was to become a spy. 

Based on that, it seems that slowly but surely Loid will begin to soften towards the mission he is on.

For now, Loid still sees Yor as a partner who helps him in the Operation Strix mission. 

However, little by little it seems that Loid has started to see the good side and also the interesting things in Yor's figure. 

And seeing this, Loid himself seemed happy and lucky to be able to meet the figure of Yor.

The Future of Both in Spy X Family

In a previous article, we discussed a theory about a possible final mission from Yor. In theory, it explains that there is a possibility at the end of the story Yor will get one last mission in his life, which is to kill Twilight. 

However, the inner conflict she will feel after knowing that Twilight is her husband.

This is what then raises inner turmoil in Yor, whether he will carry out his last mission or not. 

However, his own speculation is that Yor will not be able to carry out his final mission. 

On the other hand, Loid himself would probably be honest about his identity as well as about his mission.

This became the moment when the Forger family united in the truest sense. Yor will truly confess his feelings towards Loid, and vice versa.

So, in conclusion, seeing how the development of the relationship between the two of them is most likely if the husband-wife relationship they have will continue to run. In fact, this time, they would truly become a husband and wife and a complete family. 

Let's just wait, geeks, the continuation of the Spy X Family story.

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