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Dragon Ball: Not Vegito and Gogeta, It's The Strongest Fusion!

Dragon Ball: Not Vegito and Gogeta, It's The Strongest Fusion!

Almost all geeks may already be familiar with one of the techniques that often appears in stories in the Dragon Ball franchise, namely Fusion. Fusion itself first appeared in the Dragon Ball Z series. 

Fusion is a technique where two fighters can unite themselves and become a new figure or character with extraordinary powers and abilities.

This concept then reappeared in the latest series such as Dragon Ball Super and the animated film, Broly. Throughout the series, the two main characters, Goku and Vegeta, have used two different Fusion techniques to create different Fusion characters. 

The two characters who later emerged from the two different Fusion techniques were Vegito and Gogeta.

Many fans then assume that the two Fusion is the strongest Fusion in this entire franchise. However, unfortunately, this is not entirely true. 

Because, whether we realize it or not, it turns out that there is another Fusion that is much stronger than the two characters. Goku and Vegeta alone are unable to face the figure.

Who is Stronger Than Vegito?

Dragon Ball: Not Vegito and Gogeta, It's The Strongest Fusion!

Although we have to admit that Vegito is a strong Fusion, but in the Dragon Ball Super series later we see how Vegito finally had to admit his defeat to a much stronger figure, Fused Zamasu. 

In fact, Fused Zamasu grew even more powerful after he transformed into Infinite Zamasu. Then, who exactly is Zamasu?

Zamasu first appeared in the Future Trunks arc, where he is one of the most terrifying and dangerous villains in the Dragon Ball franchise. 

The figure of Zamasu himself is originally North Kai who comes from the alternate reality of Dragon Ball. 

Zamasu is a very powerful fighter growing up to test people's abilities, which they will later serve for him.

Zamasu himself then traveled to the future to collect dragon balls that were very powerful, namely Super Dragon Balls. 

Once collected, Zamasu then hopes that he swaps bodies with Goku, which then becomes the beginning of the appearance of Goku Black. 

In the end, Goku Black's own figure lost and was destroyed.

As a result of this, Goku Black is looking for another alternative figure, namely Future Zamasu. 

After returning to collect the magic dragon balls, he again made a wish. And this time, his wish was to become an immortal figure. 

The combination of Goku Black and Future Zamasu is truly terrifying and unstoppable.

Most Powerful Fusion

Dragon Ball: Not Vegito and Gogeta, It's The Strongest Fusion!

When Fusion from Future Zamasu and Goku Black fought against Vegito, Fusion from Goku and Vegeta seemed unable to put up a fight. 

The combination of the two villains was able to win easily. 

Although later their combination time ran out, it turned out that there were other "side effects" that appeared. 

Future Zamasu's desire to live forever in fact made their Fusion eventually become immortal too.

When Trunks tried to defeat them by splitting his body, what happened instead was Zamasu's body growing into two. 

Vegeta tries to destroy his body with a Ki attack, but what happens it actually increases the figure of Zamasu which makes Vegeta and Goku finally overwhelmed and unable to face the villain.

Realizing that he has lost and will not be able to defeat Zamasu, Goku finally asks for help from the ruler of the Dragon Ball universe, Zeno. 

Goku asks Zeno to erase Zamasu once and for all. 

Based on this, we can conclude that the strongest Fusion in the Dragon Ball universe is actually Fused Zamasu.

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