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One Piece 1053: Kenbunshoku Haki Revealed Shanks Can See Fate, Did You Know Izo Will Die?

Shanks' true abilities will be revealed in One Piece 1053 or the next chapter.

In the theory of One Piece 1053, it is alleged that Shanks, who is the owner of a high-level Kenbunshoku Haki technique, can see someone's destiny.

Because of his Kenbunshoku Haki ability, did Shanks know that Marco's friend Izo would die?

That is also the reason before the Wano Arc and One Piece 1053, Shanks had invited Marco to join his Nakama.

Is it true that Shanks' Kenbunshoku Haki ability can see someone's future destiny?

Check out the full discussion about Shanks' Kenbunshoku Haki abilities based on the theory expressed by the following fans.

Prior to the Marineford Arc, Shanks was known to have visited the Whitebeard Pirates' ship.

I don't know what was on Shanks' mind at that time, he casually invited Marco to join his Nakama.
Initially, the scene where Shanks invited Marco was like the usual comedy scene presented by Oda.

However, with the release of chapter 1052, it seems that Oda has given a clue to the scene.

Oda seems to want to show Shanks' true abilities that Shanks can actually see someone's future destiny from his high-level Kenbunshoku Haki ability.

Just like when Shanks asked Marco to be his Nakama, the red-haired Yonkou had probably sensed even seen Marco's future.

It is now known that Marco has lost Whitebeard and Ace during the war at Marineford.

Then most recently, Marco had lost Izo, his closest partner in the Whitebeard Pirates.

In chapter 1052, Izo was confirmed to have died during the battle at Wano Kuni.

One by one the people closest to Marco died after his first meeting with Shanks.

Is it true that all of this has been known to Shanks from his high-level Kenbunshoku Haki?

Can the ability of Kenbunshoku Haki that have reached the highest level be able to see a person's destiny or future?

If you look at some facts that happened, it might happen, such as the ability of Madam Shyarly who can see someone's destiny without seeing cards like Hawkins.

At that time, Madam Shyarly's ability looked like Aisa's ability from the Shandia tribe.

It is stated that Aisa's ability is included in the Kenbunshoku Haki category.

It can also be said that the ability to see the future is the basis of true Kenbunshoku Haki.

Based on this fact, fans then continued the theory that the continuation of Shanks' high-level Kenbunshoku Haki ability was to be able to see the future.

It seems that when he visited Whitebeard's ship first, Shanks already knew Marco's destiny, which his closest people would leave one by one.

Therefore, Shanks invites Marco to join him.

Another thing that can be said to be part of Shanks' strength is when he prevented Kaido from disrupting the war at Marineford.

It is also possible that at that time Shanks told Kaido that someone would beat him.

What Shanks said made Kaido leave Marineford voluntarily.

In addition, with his ability to see the future, Shanks also knew that Kaido and King would come to Marineford.

This allowed Shanks to easily prevent the two Beast Pirates from messing around there.

From this fact, fans are increasingly convinced that everything Shanks does is based on the advanced Kenbunshoku Haki abilities that he has mastered.

Keep in mind, the above statement is entirely a theory expressed by fans.

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