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One Piece 1053 Spoilers Reddit: What is the "Standard" of the Yonko's Defeat?

One Piece 1053 Spoilers Reddit: What is the Size of the Yonko's Defeat?

After a long and epic and exhausting battle between Luffy and Kaido, as well as Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law against Big Mom, the two Yonko finally lost in the new chapter of One Piece. 

The two Yonko even lost in pathetic conditions. 

They must be buried deep under the magma flow. 

In fact, they seem to sink and be carried away by the flow of the magma.

However, the fans themselves still doubt the victory of the Worst Generation over the Yonko. 

They didn't really kill the Yonko's lives. 

Some fans also don't believe that Kaido and Big Mom are dead even though they are sinking under the magma flow. 

In general, it is difficult to determine whether the Worst Generation really "beat" the Yonko in a legitimate fight.

Even so, that doesn't mean the Yonko are completely invincible. 

Apart from what Luffy and the other Worst Generation did to Kaido and also Big Mom, throughout the One Piece series there are several vivid examples of "defeat" from the Yonko. 

For that, we need to look back on the great events that have occurred.

The goal is for us to understand what then includes winning a battle, what constitutes a defeat, and what conditions make the fight or battle invalid. 

After everything is understood or is in one understanding, it will be easier to determine whether the Worst Generation really "won" over the Yonko.

Benchmark of Victory

One Piece 1053 Spoilers Reddit: What is the Size of the Yonko's Defeat?

To more easily give an idea of ​​​​the victory in battle, we can look back at what happened in the great war at Marineford. 

In this battle we see how Whitebear and his allies have to deal with all the naval forces. 

Whitebeard himself is the most powerful human figure in the world and one of the Yonko.

In that event, Whitebeard really had to experience a terrible incident. 

His body received approximately 460 wounds, which came from attacks by swords, firearms, and cannons. 

In fact, a part of Whitebeard's face was crushed by Sakazuki's magma attack. 

What is remarkable is that Whitebeard died standing still.

Indeed, it was later argued that the situation might not have been the same had Whitebeard been in good health. 

Many fans argue that Whitebeard's defeat was a result of his young age and his declining health. 

Regardless, Whitebeard is a vivid example of how difficult it is to stop or finish off a Yonko.

Another thing that should also be taken into account is how to determine the winner in the battle of the two Yonko. 

An example of this is Whitebeard against Shanks, Shanks vs. Kaido, and Kaido vs. Big Mom. 

However, the fight does not appear in full, nor do we know how the final outcome of the fight will be.

Even so, one thing we can learn from this battle is that it doesn't matter who wins or loses, the fight illustrates that the Yonko are figures on a different level. 

It is almost impossible for ordinary people to be able to defeat the Yonko.

How to Defeat Yonko in One Piece

One Piece 1053 Spoilers Reddit: What is the Size of the Yonko's Defeat?

Based on the explanation above, there are many ways to then "defeat" a Yonko without needing to fight each other. 

In Shanks' confrontation with Kaido, we can assume Shanks is the winner because he managed to prevent Kaido from going to Marineford and killing Whitebeard.

Details of the fight did not appear specific, but the fact that Shanks later appeared at Marineford and not Kaido shows that Kaido was clearly defeated. 

On the other hand, the absence of details regarding this made Kaido's reputation as the strongest being in the world maintained.

In a similar situation, Luffy could have managed to beat Big Mom on Whole Cake Island. 

Luffy's goal from the start was not to fight against Big Mom, but to save his partner, Sanji. 

Not only did Luffy manage to do that, but he also managed to embarrass Big Mom with the various things he did.

Examples include defeating Charlotte Katakuri, eating her daughter's wedding cake, and even destroying a photo of Mother Caramel. 

Luffy made an unexpected attempt to defeat Big Mom in battle, which was also what later appeared in Morgan's newspaper that Luffy had defeated Big Mom.

Big Mom's defeat that might be debatable is how she tried to get into Wano. 

His ship had to fall off a waterfall from the entrance to Wano, when King pushed the ship. Big Mom herself then had to fall and lose consciousness. 

Technically, King has managed to beat Big Mom and the rest of her crew without difficulty.

The Yonko's Moment of Defeat in One Piece

One Piece 1053 Spoilers Reddit: What is the Size of the Yonko's Defeat?

Although the Yonko are often in a disadvantaged situation, which then makes them lose, the defeat is never considered. 

But, there were also moments where they could truly be considered the losing side. 

A vivid example of this is the fight between Kaido and Kozuki Oden.

The defeat did occur due to Oden's attention being distracted by Kurozumi Higurashi, before Kaido beat him up. 

Even so, many fans believe that Oden will succeed in defeating Kaido if he doesn't get distracted from Higurashi. 

With all the different definitions of defeat, the idea that the Worst Generation managed to “beat” the Yonko can become even more believable.

At least, the end result of the two battles is indeed more inclined towards the Worst Generation. 

And here is an analysis of the two battles. 

The first fight is Big Mom against Kid and Law. 

The two work together and use all means to make Big Mom fall or be thrown from Onigashima.

They did this on purpose to make the fight much easier. 

And how then Big Mom managed to fall from Onigashima, then it means that the winner of the fight is Law and Kid. 

However, one thing that might be able to thwart the victory is how Kid and Law did not succeed in making Big Mom die or become unconscious.

In fact, Big Mom vowed to take revenge against the two. 

Besides, Big Mom didn't even feel threatened or intimidated by the two powers. 

Big Mom probably knew that under other circumstances she might be able to beat them. 

This also applies to Kaido.

Luffy vs Kaido

One Piece 1053 Spoilers Reddit: What is the Size of the Yonko's Defeat?

It took three attempts from Luffy for him to win over Kaido. 

There is also the fact that Kaido deliberately refrains from using all his strength against Luffy. 

There is also a debate whether Kaido lost due to the attack that led to him, or precisely because of the volcanic eruption.

Luffy's victory over Kaido most likely happened because of the Gear 5 he managed to develop. 

However, Luffy's own goal is not to defeat the Yonko in a fair fight. 

As has happened before, what matters in this case is not how the Worst Generation managed to surpass the strength of these powerful figures.

The most important thing was how they managed to achieve their personal goals in the fight. 

Can we then consider the fight at Wano as the defeat of the Yonko, one thing for sure is this is a big victory for the Worst Genertaion or at least for Luffy.

Luffy has managed to get Kaido away from Wano. 

Meanwhile, Law and Kid managed to keep Big Mom away from the fight against Kaido and Luffy. 

After all, throughout the One Piece series Luffy is often considered victorious after rendering his opponent unconscious instead of killing him. 

So, we can consider this battle at Wano as Luffy's victory.

In conclusion, Worst Generation's victory over the Yonko might not be an ideal victory, but it was still a victory. 

They risked everything to be able to face the Yonko and they managed to surpass it. 

So, we can say that the Worst Generation has managed to "beat" the Yonko.

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