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One Punch Man: Blast Power Level Revealed?

The question of who is the most powerful figure in the world of One Punch Man between Blast and Saitama is still unanswered at this time. Blast is the number one hero in the world. 

He was in the first rank of the Hero Association's S class. Even his current level of strength is still a mystery. 

What is certain is that his level is far above Tatsumaki who is in second place.

Almost all the heroes in the world admire and praise the figure of Blast because of the power he has. And how he tries to protect the earth from the various threats that exist. 

Blast is known to have terrible powers ranging from teleportation, agility, great movement, and so on. 

How Blast only appears when the earth is in a state of danger also provides clues as to how powerful the Blast is.

What about Saitama? It seems that for the matter of strength, there is no longer any need for an explanation of how much strength it is. Saitama is able to destroy the enemy with just one hit. 

Various awesomeness and power of Saitama beyond reason also appeared several times in the story. 

So, who is stronger between Saitama and Blast?

Saitama is Stronger?

Although there is no official answer or confirmation of the question above, there is a clear clue that could answer the riddle. The hint appeared in chapter 155 of One Punch Man yesterday. 

In the chapter, the figure of Blast appears before the other heroes, after he saves Flashy Flash and Saitama and Manako who are trapped underground.

In that moment we also see how Tatsumaki tries to resist the temptations and offers from God, disguised as Blast. After Tatsumaki rejected God's offer, Blast appeared. 

Blast had praised Tatsumaki who was able to not accept the offer from God. 

At first glance, this moment may seem normal. But there is an interesting detail presented by Yusuke Murata.

If geeks pay attention to the normal part of Blast, there are contrasting color differences, especially from the forehead to the lower right cheek of Blast. 

The difference in color usually indicates the presence of flowing blood. 

Since the manga itself is black and white, the blood-red color might be quite obvious as it is slightly different from the skin tone. 

Also, geeks can see how Blast's face looks full of scars.

The same can be seen on Tatsumaki's face. How then Blast can be injured or bleed is still unknown. 

However, this can certainly be a pretty clear clue as to how Blast's power is still below Saitama's. 

Because, so far Saitama has never been shown to be injured due to the various battles he has done.

Saitama has only been shown to be seriously injured and bleeding when he is not yet a hero. At that time, Saitama was still an ordinary young man who still had hair. 

Saitama was injured in his fight against the monster that attacked King. 

After becoming a hero, Saitama has never once been injured in a fight. Geeks can see this in chapter 162 yesterday.

Saitama Can't Be Hurt

In the chapter Saitama promised Taero that he would try to stop the evil behavior currently appearing in Garou. 

Saitama then firmly tells Tareo that he can never get hurt, when Tareo seems worried about Saitama's condition. And what Saitama said was in fact true.

Throughout chapters 160 to 164 where Garou and Saitama fought each other in an epic manner, Saitama had never felt pain or hurt. Saitama even seemed to not feel any attack that was aimed at him. 

For example, in chapter 163 we saw how Garou put all his strength into attacking Saitama until it destroyed three buildings.

Then, Saitama was also thrown by Garou's attack to the volcano which caused the lava flow to shift. 

Finally, in chapter 164 yesterday Saitama appeared to be hit by an epic attack from Garou, in which Garou even beat Saitama to the other hemisphere through the earth's core. 

However, there is absolutely no sign of Saitama being injured and bleeding.

This even makes Garou finally frustrated, because after all the efforts he did to just be able to hurt Saitama in the end it turned out to be in vain. 

In fact, at the end of the chapter, Garou and Saitama seem to be sitting together talking about his evil plans and goals. 

So, in conclusion, talking about who is the strongest between saitama and Blast then the answer is Saitama. 

This is because Saitama really won't get hurt or hurt. Let's just wait, geeks, another story about Blast in One Punch Man

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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