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Tokyo Revengers 254 Spoiler: Any Other Time Travelers?

Tokyo Revengers 254 Spoiler: Any Other Time Travelers?

After what appeared at the end of chapter 253 yesterday in the manga series Tokyo Revengers, the latest chapter of the series presents something unexpected. 

In the chapter there is an unexpected teamwork to prevent something terrible from happening. The return of the old figure is also likely to occur in the next chapter.

In the previous chapter, the Kantou Manji Gang finally managed to reverse the situation where they managed to defeat many members of the Tokyo Manji group. 

Hanma easily managed to defeat Chifuyu and Matsuya, having previously defeated Hakkai and Akkun. 

Meanwhile, Kokonoi and Inupi also had to lose to two legendary figures, Benkei and Wakasa.

Mikey, who has succeeded in defeating Pah-Chin, finally has to face the Kawata brothers and also Peh-Yan. 

However, Mikey can beat them too easily. 

Takemichi starts to feel guilty after seeing what happened to his friends.

In fact, his battle with Kakucho became erratic. 

Takemichi finally managed to fall to the ground after receiving an attack from Kakucho.

When Takemichi holds the train tracks, he also gets a vision of what will happen in the future. 

In Takemichi's vision, Haruchihyo seems to control a train and then crashes and kills all members of Tokyo Manji, including Kokonoi. 

So, what happens in the next chapter?

Spoiler for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254

Tokyo Revengers 254 Spoiler: Any Other Time Travelers?

Leaks for the next chapter have been circulating on social media. 

Chapter 254 itself begins with the continuation of Takemichi's vision of what will happen in the future. 

Sanzu apparently didn't kill Toman's members with the train he was driving, but instead he drove the train and then crashed into cargo boxes containing iron material.

The pile of iron that was in the cargo box finally flew up, and hit everyone who was there. 

Seeing this Takemichi realized that he didn't have much time. 

He also decided to end his fight against Kakucho. 

Takemichi then explains what happened to him, including about what he sees in the future.

Kakucho also agrees to help Takemichi. Kakuchio promises Takemichi that after everything is over, he will return to fight Takemichi. 

What appeared in Takemichi's vision began to become a reality, where Sanzu appeared to be boarding a carriage leading to the battlefield.

Sanzu was then surprised to see what he saw in front of him, when Takemichi and also Kakucho were in the middle of the tracks. Someone then called out to Sanzu, which took him by surprise. 

Many fans then believed that the person who called Sanzu was Mikey or Takeomi. 

However, the two of them called Sanzu by the name Haruchiyo.

That is, there is another figure calling out Sanzu's name. 

Who is that figure? 

It is possible that the one who summoned Sanzu was Hanma or one of the two living legends, Benkei and Wakasa. This also raises two big questions. 

First, who called Sanzu. Second, did Sanzu get orders from others or move according to his will.

Various Speculations

Tokyo Revengers 254 Spoiler: Any Other Time Travelers?

If then the figure who called Sanzu came from Toman or from another group, then he had already obtained permission from Mikey to kill his life. 

However, if the figure that summoned him was from Kantou, then Sanzu might have moved on his own and ignored Mikey in the process.

Many fans believe that the mysterious figure is Hanma, which raises other questions as to what influence Hanma has on Sanzu. 

As has appeared in many speculations and fan theories, besides Mikey, Hanma is also considered a character who may be a time-leaper or time traveler. 

Hanma probably already knew Sanzu's grand plan and what the future outcome would be.

The appearance of Hanma could have two purposes. 

First, Hanma wanted to make sure that Sanzu had indeed carried out or carried out all the plans he had made.

 Second, Hanma might want to change that so that what happens in the future will never materialize. What do you think?

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