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One Piece 1050: Oden's Journal Stolen, Gorosei Orders to Buster Call Wano!


One Piece 1050: Oden's Journal Stolen, Gorosei Orders to Buster Call Wano!

In One Piece 1050, the Gorosei heard of Kaido's defeat of the remaining CP0 members.

It is predicted that in One Piece 1050, the CP0 member who escaped from Onigashima might contact the Gorosei.

Previously he looked suspicious in chapter 1049, because he just ran away after Luffy defeated Kaido.

Whereas before One Piece 1050, CP0 was ordered to finish off Luffy and this was actually their second chance to fight an exhausted Luffy.

Coupled with Kaido's condition which is also definitely unable to fight in full, it should be a moment for the CP0 member to finish him off.

However, there's also the possibility that he's not really the type of fighter, though that doesn't seem possible for a special agent like CP0.

His escaping action was clear, after escaping he would contact the World Government, in this case the Gorosei.

He will tell the World Government what the situation in Onigashima including in Wano is like.

The Gorosei who heard about Kaido's defeat were also expected to give orders again to cover up what happened in Wano.

Because the defeat of two yonkou at the same time would be very shocking to the world, and it could be that the credibility of the World Government was decreasing.

Coupled with the Reverie incident, if the truth is revealed, the citizens of the world will have suspicions on the World Government.

On the other hand, there is another suspicious thing that appears from the CP0 member, he just ran away, which may have managed to find something.

Yes, there are estimates that he managed to get Oden's journal which contains important information, especially for the World Government.

It could be that something big will happen if the journal falls into the hands of the World Government. Another theory is that the Gorosei will claim victory at Wano.

If they act like they did in Alabasta and Thriller Bark, admitting the Shichibukai's defeat because of them, then the World Government will again be considered a hero.

Furthermore, they are expected to act quickly by capturing the two yonkou, which is certainly not easy.

Because Big Mom's own crew is sure to be around Wano, while Kaido himself will fight with all his might.

One Piece 1050: Oden's Journal Stolen, Gorosei Orders to Buster Call Wano!

If the World Government manages to claim victory and put both of them at level 6 Impel Down, then the public will believe again.

Plus there is an added advantage if they manage to take over the production of weapons in Wano.

Moreover, previously the World Government, through CP0, had negotiated the supply of weapons to Orochi.

With the current conditions, where Kaido and Orochi fell, then the production of weapons could be a golden area for them.

After getting what they wanted, it is suspected that the World Government did not hesitate to carry out their final plan of starting a buster call, with reasons that could be related to the Void Age like Ohara.

As a close country and being part of the Ancient Kingdom, it would be very dangerous for the world if Wano opened their borders, this could be a threat to the World Government.

Because of that, they will without a second thought make a buster call in Wano, because the possibility of a major threat and the production of weapons have already been obtained.

Of course, their side had to act quickly before Wano was taken over by other pirates, especially if the Revolutionary Army tried to get it.

So stay tuned for the upcoming One Piece 1050, which will likely be very interesting to see what happens next.

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