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One Piece: What Happens at the End of Act Three of the Wano Arc?

One Piece: What Happens at the End of Act Three of the Wano Arc?

One Piece manga fans certainly can't wait to see how the Luffy alliance's raid on Onigashima Island will end. 

Currently, the Wano Country arc is the longest arc in the entire One Piece series. 

Based on that, it's likely that the third chapter of the arc is already nearing its end.

More than hundreds of chapters have been presented during the Wano Country arc. 

Apart from the ultimate battle, it doesn't feel like there are too many things that can be presented in this Onigashima battle. 

Even so, there are actually several other things that Eiichiro Oda could present to close the third chapter in this Wano Country arc. 


Luffy vs Kaido Final Battle

One Piece: What Happens at the End of Act Three of the Wano Arc?

The future of Wano Country is in the hands of whoever wins in the most epic and most massive battle in the current One Piece series. 

Luffy's fight against Kaido managed to create tremendous hype among the fans, considering that each character really put their all to the limit.

Kaido may be the most powerful creature in the world of One Piece, but after dozens of attacks lodged in his body Kaido finally began to weaken. 

And this is Luffy's chance to finish off Kaido. Currently, Luffy himself is still trying to beat Kaido with all his might. 

If Luffy manages to win over Kaido, then he will change an entire era. In addition, the defeat of Luffy will be his eighth defeat and Luffy will be remembered as the figure of Joy Boy.

Flashback Potential

One Piece: What Happens at the End of Act Three of the Wano Arc?

One of the things that many fans look forward to in the Wano arc is the appearance of flashback moments that show an important part of the story. 

For example, flashback moments from Kaido's figure, flashback moments from the battle in God Valley, or flashbacks to Kaido's connection with the Rock pirate group. 

Unfortunately, until now Oda still has not presented it.

Maybe, Oda deliberately saved it for later or to be presented in the next arc. 

Apart from that, flashback moments will certainly help fans understand more deeply about Kaido's motivation. 

This is also to answer various mysteries such as where did Kaido know about the figure of Joy Boy or about the history of Wano Country. 

Of course there is a reason why Kaido then came to Wano.

Many fans assume that Kaido may not be shown to be safe until the end of the arc, aka Kaido may be shown dead at the end of the third act. 

If Kaido is left alive, he will remain a huge threat to Wano as well as the rest of the world. 

Based on that, now is the time to present various flashback moments from Kaido and various things connected with Kaido.

Momonosuke Saves Wano

One Piece: What Happens at the End of Act Three of the Wano Arc?
Momonosuke is currently still trying to prevent Onigashima from hitting the flower capital area, by creating a cloud of fire that sends his island flying. 

Unfortunately, Momonosuke still feels that he is weak and can't be as strong as Kaido. 

This then makes it difficult for Momo to produce a fire cloud to prevent Onigashima from falling.

The fate of the entire population of the Flower capital is in Momonosuke's hands. 

With Luffy currently preparing for his final attack, Kaido may no longer be able to hold off the island of Onigashima. 

This means that the capital city of Bunga is in a dangerous condition. It will be interesting to see what Momonosuke will do to overcome this.

Orochi Finally Died

One Piece: What Happens at the End of Act Three of the Wano Arc?

Orochi is one of the villains presented throughout the Wano Country arc besides Kaido. 

Thanks to the power of his Zoan devil fruit, Orochi became one of the invincible villains. 

Orochi was shown dead several times in the story, but he managed to get back up. 

Even so, Orochi's life is currently in danger.

Of the many heads of Zoan Yamata no Orochi that exist, now there is only one head left. 

Currently, Orochi is with Kozuki Hiyori where the fans themselves are curious what Hiyori will do to kill Orochi's life. 

After all, after all the crimes he committed against the residents of Wano, he needed to have consequences.

It should be noted that currently Denjuro has been missing for quite a while. There was a possibility that he would be the one to finish off Orochi, rather than Hiyori. 

However, Hiyori's figure might make more sense because she has a grudge against Orochi for her father's death.

Everything is Successful. Welcome back to Mainland

As shown in chapter 1047 yesterday, the samurai didn't seem to mind if they had to die in the battle because they had fought and believed in what they believed.

However, the Straw Hats and the others must still be able to survive Onigashima. 

The island could fall at any time.

This is because the fire clouds that have enveloped Onigashima are now starting to thin out. 

As mentioned in the previous point, it was up to Momonosuke to create a cloud of fire that would save everyone on Onigashima. 

That way, Momonosuke would allow the samurai who were loyal to him to see a new dawn in the territory they were defending.

New Dawn in Wano Country

One Piece: What Happens at the End of Act Three of the Wano Arc?

This is something that all Wano residents look forward to, and is something that Luffy hopes will happen after he defeats Kaido. 

Kaido's defeat will be the beginning of a new era in Wano Country, after 20 years they have to suffer under the clutches of Kaido and Orochi.

The residents of Wano have the opportunity to experience the freedom they have always wanted. 

The attack on the island of Onigashima became a very historic peak moment for them and also throughout the One Piece series. 

Now is the perfect time for the Beast pirate group to fall, and Kozuki Toki's prophecy will come true.

It feels like it's been too long and too long the Wano Country arc has been going on so it's time for the third chapter of the arc to close. 

And the six things above can be served to close this third act, so that the final story of this arc will not end with an anti-climax which will certainly make fans disappointed. 

Let's just wait, geeks what will happen next in the next chapter.

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