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Mystery of One Piece 1049 : The Legend of Ryuma Repeats, Zoro Will Behead the Awakened Dragon Kaido

Zoro's role in One Piece 1049 is allegedly still not finished because he still has one last task.

From the facts that exist until One Piece 1049, Enma's sword as the only sword that can injure Kaido was given to Zoro not without reason.

Just like Ryuma in the past, Zoro is believed to be beheading Kaido's last dragon form in his Awakening mode.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1049 regarding Zoro as Kaido's executor.

We know that Ryuma has killed a real dragon in the past.

It was Ryuma's greatest achievement known throughout the world apart from turning Shusui into a black sword.

We also know that the dragon is not a dragon made by dr. Vegapunk as it appears in Punk Hazard.

Because the dragons in Punk Hazard were too weak to be considered the greatest achievement of the legendary samurai Ryuma.

Then the technology in the past was certainly not as advanced as now so it would not be able to create artificial dragons like in Punk Hazard.

Therefore, it is certain that the dragon that Ryuma killed was a real dragon.

Then we also know that dr. Vegapunk tried to create dragons for a special reason.

Because he wants to learn about his heredity by experimenting with Kaido who has the power to turn into a dragon.

A popular theory is that Kaido's Awakening will actually turn him into a dragon form similar to the dragon that Ryuma had killed in the past.

So the dragon that Ryuma killed was the previous Kaido devil fruit user who had managed to reach the Awakening level.

Dr. Vegapunk who knows that the dragon is the result of Kaido's devil fruit Awakening then tries to recreate the dragon using the Yonkou's bloodline factor.

And the result was a dragon that appeared on Punk Hazard because Kaido at that time had not yet reached the Awakening level.

That's why dr. Vegapunk calls Momonosuke's devil fruit a failure even though at this time Kozuki Oden's son can almost imitate Kaido's various dragon forms.

The reason was obvious because Momonosuke didn't immediately transform into the dragon Awakening form that dr. Vegapunk.

Furthermore, because Kaido just said that Awakening occurs when one's mind can be balanced with the full potential of their devil fruit power.

So it indirectly indicates that Kaido doesn't really understand the maximum potential of his devil fruit power.
It's not impossible that when Luffy lands his giant punch, Kaido will sink into the sea.

Then at that moment Kaido realized the last potential of his power, namely the ability to breathe underwater like his type of dragon, the Azure dragon.

This has been hinted at by Oda with Jack who can breathe on the seabed and Luffy and Big Mom who are stranded on land.

It is known that the Azure dragon's special ability is to be able to dive into the ocean. 

It is also said that the dragon must sink to awaken its secret power.

But if after Awakening later Kaido still can't fight right away.

Maybe the storyline will be like this, Luffy's alliance will party because they think they have succeeded in defeating Kaido.

Then Kaido will appear once again with his Awakened form and finally he will destroy the Flower Capital.

Only then will a scene similar to Ryuma's, because Zoro will most likely recover soon.

Zoro will slash Kaido's dragon as Ryuma did to the Uo Uo no Mi devil fruit user before.

Zoro's final task in the Wano Arc is expected to be revealed in One Piece 1049 or the next chapters.

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