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One Piece: Wano Arc and Yonko's Journey is Coming to an End


One Piece will now reach the latest chapter 1050, where the prediction of the Wano Arc will end appears.

Many theories have sprung up regarding the ending of the Wano Arc in One Piece.

After previously several Yonko had fallen in the hands of the pirates.

Not long ago Kaido fell into Luffy's hands after being hit hard in One Piece 1049.

Then there is Big Mom who also lost after fighting with Law and Kidd.

The Worst Generation is now firmly on the top of the world, as quoted by from Sportskeeda.

Their power will strengthen their passion to make the world a better place.

The four emperors who ruled the new world with the seven warlords allied with the World Government had now been defeated.

In addition, they may also have been labeled as fugitives in One Ice.

It can raise suspicions if the Yonko's journey will end.

Meanwhile, Luffy is said to be bringing a new light and uniting everyone under an equal world.

After hundreds of years after Joy Boy ended, the world of One Piece will be ready for that moment.

Fans are now waiting for the truth of the circulating theory.

And what changes will the new generation bring in One Piece?

Look forward to the continuation of One Piece for the upcoming chapters.

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