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One Piece 1051: Two Empty Yonko Seats, Check Out the Requirements to Fill the Emptiness

Ahead of One Piece 1051, the yonko system is not balanced, because Kaido and Big Mom were officially defeated by Luffy.

Therefore, the two yonko seats are currently vacant, of course there must be a replacement.

However, the yonko title is not given arbitrarily, there are several conditions that must be met when you want to get a yonko title.
It is known that the two remaining yonko are Shanks and Blackbeard.
While the temporary candidates who will replace Kaido and Big Mom as yonko include Luffy, Law, Kid, and Shicibukai.

Here are the 4 requirements to become a Yonko, quoted from the Bstation BOSS ONE PIECE account:

1. Have overpower

When One Piece characters want to become a yonko of course they must have very strong strength above average.

So far the yonko like Kaido to Shanks have extraordinary strength.

Therefore, they deserve the title yonko.

At least if they want to get the title, at least they can control or destroy an island without difficulty.

2. King's Haki

The second criterion when you want to become a yonko is mastering Haki or having king's Haki.

Haki is divided into three types, namely Haoshoku Haki, Busoshoku Haki, and Kenbunshoku Haki.

This condition is very reasonable, increasing Shanks, Kaido, Big Mom and Blackbeard master Haki very well.

 3. Have a crew or military

The requirement when becoming the next yonko is that they have a fighting force or crew that can dominate an area.

As is known today, the yonko have a strong and responsible crew with bounties ranging from millions to billions of berries.

In addition to having a crew, yonko also cooperate with other pirates or alliances when they want to conquer an area.

 4. Fantastic bounty

It's not uncommon for a yonko to have a fantastic bounty of up to 2 billion berries or more.

So far, the yonko with the lowest bounty is Blackbeard, while Kaido has the highest bounty.

Those are the conditions when a One Piece character wants to have a title as a yonko.

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