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One Piece: Oda Leaks Killer's Perfect Form!

In the world of One Piece, devil fruit is a very mysterious thing that is still not fully understood until now. 

When someone eats or consumes a devil fruit, they will have special powers, depending on the type and variant of the devil fruit they eat. And what's interesting is that devil fruit is a source of strength for many characters.

As mentioned above, there is still not much information known about devil fruits. This also includes where the origin of the devil fruit is. 

However, what's interesting is that in the story it is shown that there is an attempt on the part of the World Government to try to make or imitate the devil fruit.

An example is the devil fruit made by Dr. Vegapunk, which was created with the aim of being able to create an army of dragons and also an army of giants, considering Kaido is a very strong figure.

However, even though his own devil fruit was ready and eaten by Momonosuke, Vegapunk himself thought that the devil fruit was a failure.

Then there is also an artificial devil fruit, namely the Artificial Zoan or an artificial devil fruit of the Zoan type.

This devil fruit was created by a scientist who is quite unique, namely Caesar Clown. In the Wano Country arc, SMILEs devil fruit have many important roles in the story. 

This devil fruit gives the power of changing the shape and power of the Zoan. Unfortunately, this devil fruit is not 100% successful.

Those who eat this artificial devil fruit only have two possibilities, either succeed in turning into a certain animal or fail and have to lose all their emotions and only the emotion of laughter remains.

This is what then happened to many poor people in the Ebisu area, where they were forced to eat the leftover SMILE devil fruit due to hunger.

On the other hand, one of the Supernovas, Killer, also ate this SMILE devil fruit and he had to lose all his emotions.

This happened when the Kid pirate group was defeated by Kaido's group. Killer and Kid are then taken to Udon prison. Kurozumi Orochi then tells Killer that he has a chance to save the captain by eating the devil fruit SMILEs.

It turns out that instead of being a Zoan, Killer has to turn into a pathetic figure.

Killer turns out to have to eat the failed SMILEs devil fruit. 

As a result, Killer had to experience a side effect that he kept laughing no matter the situation and condition. This also made Kid angry and very vengeful towards Orochi and Kaido.

However, a fan then asked in yesterday's SBS Volume 101 column where he asked Oda Sensei what if the SMILE devil fruit eaten by Killer managed to turn him into a Zoan.

According to Oda Sensei's answer, if the SMILEs Killer devil fruit succeeds then he will turn into an elephant.


Like the Gifters, Killer's entire body turns into an elephant, with his head resting on the tip of his trunk.

Parts of his arms popped out from his sides. Actually, if you pay attention to how the Zoan form of Killer can be said to be similar to Spandam's sword, where his sword eats a devil fruit that can turn him into an elephant.

This perfect change can be an additional powerful force from Killer, because he will get various advantages or advantages possessed from the devil fruit such as increasing physical abilities, strength, and so on like other Zoan devil fruit power owners. 

What do you think geeks?

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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