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My Hero Academia: Bakugo Has One For All?


The latest film in the My Hero Academia series, namely My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, caused a lot of confusion among fans.

They are confused whether one of the main characters, Katsuki Bakugo, has the most phenomenal Quirk in the series, One For All. As is known in the film, Izuku Midoriya temporarily gave his Bakugo Quirk.

Thanks to this, Bakugo and Midoriya finally managed to defeat the terrible villain in the film, namely Nine. 

However, the fans themselves are still curious whether Bakugo still has the Quirk in him. If that happened, of course, it's only natural that the fans would be confused about this.

Bakugo No Longer Has One For All

It is very clear based on what is presented in the film, Bakugo only briefly feels the awesomeness of Quirk One For All.

Regardless of the transfer or transfer process, Bakugo can no longer have One For All. 

There is no reason for Bakugo to keep the Quirk or even a duplicate of it.

Izuku Midoriya aka Deku is still the rightful owner of the Quirk.

It should be noted that Quirk One For All can only be transferred via a special method.

The Quirk recipient must have a DNA sample from the previous owner, such as blood or hair. Bakugo himself can receive Quirk One For All after touching the arm of a bleeding Deku.

Quirk One For All cannot duplicate or clone itself. Based on that, there's no way Bakugo has a hidden duplicate of his Quirk.

Bakugo really only briefly felt the power of the Quirk, namely during his fight against Nine in the film.

After that, Bakugo no longer can or has ever used his Quirk.

How is the Quirk Transfer Process

As previously mentioned, Deku gave Quirk One For All to Bakugo only in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising in order to defeat Nine. 

They shook hands as both of them were bleeding from the arm, and the moment gave Bakugo a tremendous boost in strength.

However, after their fight against Nine ended, the One For All Quirk then miraculously returned to Deku's body.

All Might himself had speculated that Quirk One For All gave Bakugo some of his power.

The Quirk clearly had instincts of its own. And this is shown in the Paranormal Liberation War, where All For One can't steal his Quirk.

Then, the big question then why then the Quirk can return to Deku's body?

The simplest explanation is that apart from the fact that the film is not part of canon, the Quirk prefers Deku as the main owner.

Deku was chosen because he is someone who is willing to sacrifice his strength for the common good.

Deku Becomes the Last Owner

Bakugo should no longer have the power of One For All. Even if he had that power, even if it was only a little, he should have noticed a major change within himself.

The My Hero Academia manga series chapter 304 yesterday presented new facts related to Quirk One For All. 

In the chapter it is explained that the previous owners of Quirk One For All are getting older very quickly.

In other words, they age prematurely. An example of this is Hikage Shinomori.

The reason why this happens is because they can't accept or they can't afford to keep more than one Quirk within themselves.

Why then All Might and Deku were able to survive with the Quirk? Because, both of them were born without Quirk (Quirkless).

If then Bakugo still has the power of One For All, then he will start to age early. And so far the age of the bakugo has remained the same. 

This is certainly a good thing.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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