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One Piece 1049 Official Spoiler: Bounced To The Flower Capital, Kaido Finally Realizes Luffy Is Joy Boy

The official leak of the One Piece 1049 manga has finally been released and the battle between Kaido and Luffy is still continuing.

Kaido in One Piece 1049 is shown bouncing into the Flower Capital due to Luffy's giant fist.

When he fell to the mainland of the Flower Capital, Kaido finally realized that Luffy was the figure of Joy Boy who was predicted to come to Wano Kuni.

One Piece 1049 is titled, "The World We Should Aspire to".
As usual this chapter has a cover page that is linked from the previous cover story.

After we found out in yesterday's chapter Ichiji and also Reiju wanted to pick up their younger siblings.

The cover this time saw someone burning Niji and Yonji's books.

Whereas previously we knew that this book was already in Big Mom's children's research room.
Continuing with the first leak in chapter 1049, we finally get a flashback from Kaido.

It shows the childhood of Kaido who is in the Vodka Kingdom.

Unfortunately it has not been explained where exactly the location of this Vodka Kingdom is.

Several years later Kaido met Whitebeard who told him that Rocks wanted to meet him.
Apparently Whitebeard was assigned to deliver invitations to prospective members of the Rocks.

The scene seems similar to Rockstar who wants to give news to Whitebeard on the Moby Dick ship.

Rockstar was also Shanks' crew at that time inviting Blackbeard.

Then at that moment Whitebeard said to Rockstar "You must have fought hard to bring him here didn't you".
Now it's been revealed that the same thing happened to Whitebeard in his past.

Kaido's flashback is then cut again by showing Raizo's water starting to spill out of Onigashima castle.

At that moment it was shown that Kaido's fire cloud began to disappear.

Fortunately Momonosuke at that time had managed to create a new cloud of fire.

Finally the son of Kozuki oden managed to make his cloud of fire that would balance Onigashima Island from falling into the Flower Capital.

So that the last task that Momonosuke needed to complete at this time was only one, which was to land Onigashima safely somewhere.

Then the last leak said that the scene of Luffy's fight against Kaido was shown again.

Luffy then said something amazing that could be his real dream apart from becoming the Pirate King.

The Straw Hat captain said that he would create a world where none of his friends would starve anymore.

Then Luffy's Bajrang Gun punch was shown to have penetrated Kaido's defense and the Yonkou fell at high speed into the Flower Capital.

You could say this is the end of Kaido's power and savagery that has made the people of Wano miserable for 20 years.

It seems that it has been confirmed that Kaido really lost in this chapter.
Then after this Kaido fell into the Flower Capital, another flashback appeared regarding the Yonkou.

It shows Kaido telling King that only Joy Boy can beat him.

Here it is also revealed that Kaido finally realized that Luffy is the successor of Joy Boy who he had been waiting for.

Joy Boy finally arrived at Wano and succeeded in realizing Kaido's dream.
Not only Kaido, even Oden's prediction has come true with the confirmation of Kaido's defeat.

That's the official leak of One Piece 1049 regarding the continuation of Luffy's fight against Kaido.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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