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One Piece 1051 Theory: There Will Be One More Arc After the Wano Arc Before The Greatest War


As Eiichiro Oda has shown up to One Piece 1051, the signs of the end of the Wano Arc are in sight.

From the facts that exist until One Piece 1051, there will still be one more arc after the Wano Arc before the big war begins.

This great war is a war that Oda had promised would happen as part of the final arc.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1051 regarding instructions from Oda regarding the last arc after the Wano Arc.

At that time Momonosuke lay limp in his dragon form near the landing site of Onigashima island on the Wano mainland near the Flower Capital.

He tried to contact the giant elephant Zunisha who was in the waters of Wano country.

Zunisha is shown not to have done anything to the World Government ships.

Momonosuke then said, "Zunisha did you hear me, I have already decided. I don't want to open this country yet."
Zunisha replied, "Okay, I will follow your decision and I will not doubt you".

From this conversation between the two, fans believe that there will be a new arc after the Wano Arc before heading to the last arc of One Piece.

Because if Momonosuke immediately opens the Wano border, then this country will immediately and must be prepared to accommodate people from outside.

Then it could be the alliance troops preparing to fight the World Government and Joy Boy who will lead this enormous army.

But here is the reality that Momonosuke wants to delay the opening of the Wano country border.

So most likely after this Wano Arc Luffy will return to sailing as usual to another place.

It was during this voyage that Momonosuke would prepare Wano to become an open country.

So there will be a pause and also another arc before the last arc runs.

It will be interesting to wait for what arc Oda will present to fans in One Piece 1051 or the next chapters.

It will also be answered after One Piece 1051 whether there will be only one arc or more before the biggest war begins.

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