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One Piece 1051: The Enemy Oda Has Prepared for Luffy After the Wano Arc

After defeating Kaido in the Wano Arc in One Piece 1051, Luffy will of course face a number of new enemies.

From the facts to One Piece 1051, there are a number of enemies that Eiichiro Oda will most likely choose to be Luffy's next opponent.

These enemies certainly have a long history with Luffy and some are not in accordance with his principles of justice.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1051 regarding the enemies that Oda has prepared for Luffy after the Wano Arc ended.

Luffy's victory over Kaido was not easy because he had to be unconscious several times due to the Yonkou's devastating attack.

Even Luffy had lost in the fight before then got back up.

But considering how extraordinary Kaido's power is, this will make the story of One Piece in the future slightly change.

Because an opponent as strong as Kaido doesn't seem to be able to force Luffy who is in Awakening mode to release his maximum strength.
Then even though we don't know who Luffy's opponent is after the Wano Arc because Oda could still be hiding other strong figures.

But as far as we know, here are some enemies that could potentially become Luffy's next opponent.

First is Akainu, he was initially only known as one of the strongest Admirals of the navy along with Aokiji and Kizaru.

But his reputation increased greatly after killing Ace and fighting one on one against Blackbeard in the Marineford war.
But the moment that attracted the most attention was when Akainu killed Ace in front of Luffy's eyes.

So the fight between Luffy and Akainu will be private and fans are looking forward to it.

Fans hope that Luffy can avenge his brother by defeating Akainu.

With his strength already greatly increased, it seemed that the fight against Akainu could go well.

However, Akainu most likely has also received an increase in strength so that the battle between the two will be fierce even though Luffy is in Awakening mode.

The second enemy is Blackbeard. The fight between Luffy and him is one of the most anticipated battles by fans.

The fight between the two will be a fierce battle to determine who the true Pirate King is.

Because each of them have the same ambition to become the Pirate King and both come from Clan D.

Talking about strength there seems to be no doubt that Blackbeard is a worthy opponent for Luffy even in his Awakening mode.

Besides having the power of Gura Gura no Mi which can destroy the world.

The power of his Yami Yami no Mi which can erase the power of any other devil fruit would be anyone's nightmare.

The third enemy is Imu, which until now Oda has not clearly shown.

We also don't know how much power he has and whether he is the strongest devil fruit user or a high level haki user.

But for sure he has the most important position to control the world.

Imu is believed to be an enemy of Joy Boy in the past, which is currently Luffy's title.

Luffy dreams of destroying everything that stands in the way of people's freedom which means he will destroy the world government.

So that the last challenge for Luffy to be able to create peace and freedom throughout the world is to defeat the most powerful and hateful figure of freedom, namely Imu.

The final enemy is the largest organization, namely the World government. This organization that regulates all life in the world of One Piece which in other words they are the rulers of this world.

Many rotten things the World Government has done to get to where they are today

After the great war in the Wano Arc, a massive battle against the World Government is believed to be the next biggest war that may be the end of this manga series.

It will be interesting to wait for Oda to reveal in One Piece 1051 or the next chapters, who is Luffy's next enemy after defeating Kaido in the Wano Arc.

It will also be answered after One Piece 1051 whether Luffy will defeat Akainu, Blackbeard, and Imu at once.

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