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Revealed How Blackbeard Seizes Gura Gura no Mi in One Piece, He Turns Out To Eat Whitebeard's Heart

Many mysteries have not been revealed from one of the One Piece characters named Marshall D Teach aka Blackbeard.

As is known during the Marineford Arc, Blackbeard did something that made all One Piece fans confused.

He can get two devil fruit powers at once in a way that is still mysterious.

The following is a One Piece discussion about how Blackbeard got the power of Whitebeard's Gura Gura no Mi devil fruit.

Recently, a heated debate arose among fans about how Blackbeard was able to get the power of the Gura Gura no Mi devil fruit in the Marineford war.

As we know that after Whitebeard was seriously injured due to various magma attacks Akainu received in the great war of Marineford.

Blackbeard with his pirate crew suddenly appeared and dealt the final blow to Whitebeard's defenseless body.

Then he covered Whitebeard with a giant black cloth while entering the cloth.

Suddenly after getting out of the cloth, Blackbeard has already got the power of the devil fruit that was previously owned by Whitebeard, namely Gura Gura no Mi.

Blackbeard is believed to have eaten Whitebeard's heart directly at that time.

Moreover, we also know that Whitebeard's body has a hole due to Akainu's attack so this will make it easier for Blackbeard to take his heart.

Later at that time, Blackbeard was not shown to have the spare fruit he carried.

Even if he wanted to do it by transferring Whitebeard's power to a nearby fruit, he shouldn't need to cover his victim's body with a black tarp.

Because as we know Whitebeard has died after being hit by repeated attacks from Blackbeard's pirate crew.

There is a detailed clue as to why Blackbeard is believed to have eaten Whitebeard's heart.

The moment he left the black tarpaulin, Blackbeard was seen smiling sadly with a little blood on his face as if he had just done something really terrible.

Then there's a very absurd moment where Burgess attacks Luffy and Sabo with just a dagger in broad daylight when Blackbeard has to be more secretive about what he's doing.

It meant that Burgess wasn't trying to hide anything from the world nor was his captain.

If indeed the devil fruit power was stored in one's heart, it would make a lot of sense.

To avoid the chance of a devil fruit escaping to another fruit nearby, one must eat the heart of the former user.

We also know that cannibalism exists in the world of One Piece, moreover, cannibalism is related to the transfer of devil fruit powers.

An example is Big Mom who as a child ate Mother Carmel in an unconscious state.

The narrator never confirms that Big Mom ate Mother Carmel's devil fruit.

However she got Mother Carmel's devil fruit power after she accidentally ate her body. 

So this shows that Blackbeard already knows more about the secret of the devil fruit.

He knows that the devil fruit power of a person is stored in the heart.

That would explain why Oda described Blackbeard as a person who was very infatuated with devil fruit since childhood.

He even has a devil fruit encyclopedia like a geek.

Thus the discussion of One Piece about Blackbeard who ate Whitebeard's heart to get his devil fruit power.

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