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One Piece 1049: Luffy's Haki Has Exceeded Roger's?

One Piece 1049: Luffy's Haki Has Exceeded Roger's?

In One Piece 1048 yesterday, it looks like Eiichiro Oda has just confirmed the relationship between Luffy and the Monkey King Hanoman.

It doesn't stop there, Eiichiro Oda is likely to show how unlimited the power of Luffy's current awakening mode Haki is.

Maybe, in One Piece 1049 Luffy's Haki awakening will already be at the same level as Roger's Haki or even slightly surpass it.

Previously, Kaido had discussed Gold D. Roger which according to him did not need to have the most powerful devil fruit to become the pirate king.

Kaido's words are indeed true, because even though he has tremendous power, it is not enough to make someone a pirate king.

Not only that, this can also be a clue from Eiichiro Oda how Blackbeard will lose later.

As is known, Blackbeard is the only figure in the One Piece series who has the power of the two strongest devil fruits in the world.

It's not impossible, Blackbeard can only be defeated using Luffy's high-level Haki.

Apart from that, of course we know that Luffy's strength is very common from gear 1st to gear 4th.

Luffy's strength is known to have increased from one stage to another higher stage.

One Piece 1049: Luffy's Haki Has Exceeded Roger's?

However, in what he had shown in recent times, not only had his body become more elastic, but his Haki had increased so much that it seemed limitless.

As is known, Haki is the energy and determination of a person's self-confidence which in the One Piece series is shown to have no limits.

Currently, Luffy is only 19 years old and somehow in awakening mode he seems to have an endless amount of determination, passion, and confidence.

This was seen during the fight against Kaido where he fought freely using Haoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki to the fullest.

Finally, he is able to create a giant fist that is the size of Onigashima Island.

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