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Chainsaw Man: Is Curse Devil Strength Equivalent to Hybrid?

Chainsaw Man: Is Curse Devil Strength Equivalent to Hybrid?

Chainsaw Man series is one of the new series that is quite popular today. 

First released in 2018 in the manga version, its popularity continues to increase so that the production house MAPPA plans to make an anime version of the Chainsaw Man series. 

Just like some new Shonen genre series, Chainsaw Man brings something different especially for geeks who like gore elements.

The world of the Chainsaw Man series is filled with demons and demon hunters. 

Someone in this series can turn into a terrible figure called the Devil. 

With the series that has been running for more than two years, of course there are already many demons presented in the story, one of which is the Curse Devil.

The Curse Devil is considered one of the most terrible and extraordinary demons in the Chainsaw Man series. 

He is a demonic figure who is the embodiment of a human curse. 

The shape of the Cursed Devil is really very terrible, where there are two skulls on the top complete with horns. 

The skull on the right is thought to be a human skull.

Chainsaw Man: Is Curse Devil Strength Equivalent to Hybrid?

Meanwhile, the skull on the left is the figure of a demon or monster with three eyes and long and sharp teeth. 

Aki Hayakawa is a character who has a contract with this demonic figure. 

Aki Hayakawa is a member of the Public Safety Devil Hunter or an organization that hunts demons. He's part of the team led by Makima.

In the story itself, Aki Hayakawa is shown dead after he entered into a contract with several demons such as Future Devil, Fox Devil, and of course Curse Devil. 

Curse Devil or this cursed demon is known to have tremendous power, such as being able to finish off all his opponents with just one attack. 

However, there is a special requirement for the technique to work effectively.

The enemy or target must first be injured – by being stabbed or stabbed – three times. 

He can also seriously injure his target, by crucifying his target and then the Curse Devil will slowly start biting and injuring the target's body. 

Even though the Curse Devil's power is immense, it is known that there is a considerable price to be paid by those who contract this demon.

When the user summons the demon, his life ration will be reduced for several months. 

This is what happened to Aki Hayakawa. 

Apart from Aki Hayakawa, Santa Claus is also a user of this Cursed Demon's power. 

The difference is, if Aki Hayakawa has to sacrifice his life to be able to use the demon's power, Santa Claus will have to lose the sense of control of some of his fingers.

Chainsaw Man: Is Curse Devil Strength Equivalent to Hybrid?

With such extraordinary power, it is only natural that the Cursed Devil is then considered as one of the demons with overpowered powers. 

On the other hand, the price to be paid to wield such a mighty power was dire. 

In the Katana Man arc, in order to defeat the figure of Katana Man, Aki had to give up most of his life.

After the fight is over, Aki then learns that he only has two years left of his life. 

The powerful power of the Cursed Demon is considered equivalent to a hybrid character or on the same level as a hybrid. 

In the series, hybrid is a level where humans are able to merge with demonic figures. 

Denji is a vivid example of this.

The speculation might seem reasonable considering the power possessed by the demon. 

It's still unknown what will happen to this Cursed Demon, and of course it's also interesting to see who will then enter into the next contract with this monstrous demon.

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