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One Piece 1049: Evolved Again, Luffy's Form Turns into a Bajrang

In One Piece 1049, there is a possibility that Luffy will issue other techniques related to monkeys.

Until One Piece 1049, there are already several Luffy moves that use the name of the monkey, such as Kong Gun and the latest Bajrang Gun. 

The names of these moves can also be interpreted as Monkey King and Monkey God, which can be said to be identical to Luffy.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1049, which says that the Straw Hats will release their new technique again.

Previously about Bajrang, it is the embodiment of Hanuman, the famous Ramayana figure.

He is a white monkey, the son of Batara Guru and Anjani, and adopted by Dewa Bayu.

It is said in Hindu mythology that Hanuman can lift Mount Everest with one hand.

Moreover, he was also mentioned as never being defeated or dominated by the other party.

Hanuman was also said to be immortal until he finally grew tired of living and made a wish to die.

Even just saying his name once can drive away evil spirits, ghosts and other evils.

Seeing the origin of the name Bajrang, which was used as the name of Luffy's technique, Oda Sensei certainly gave it not without reason.

In Gear 5 itself Luffy is dominated by white citizens, starting from the clothes, hair, and smoke that surrounds him.

However, what if it turns out that this Bajrang technique doesn't only focus on punches, as Luffy showed in yesterday's chapter.

It could be that in the future there will be other techniques that resemble Bajrang, or taken from things related to monkeys.

For example, the Straw Hats can change their appearance like Bajrang as one of the changes in Gear 5.

Regarding Bajrang or Hanuman himself, it is said that when he was little he thought the sun was an edible fruit.

Then he finally ate the sun, this story is considered similar to how Luffy ate his devil fruit as a child.

The Straw Hats thought that it was a safe fruit to eat, and the interesting thing was that it was the Sun God devil fruit.

Hanuman was also given several boons by Lord Brahma and Lord Indra, such as being immune to weapons, or being able to die at his own will.

It is said to be similar to Luffy, where he is also immune to weapons, except for sharp ones.

The effect of eating this devil fruit makes his rubber body harden and immune if injured by weapons.

Plus, even though he was thought to be dead, Luffy was able to pump his heart back to life.

After that Luffy's stamina and strength recovered as before, even becoming stronger.

On the other hand, Dewa Bayu himself is able to control the wind, and may be similar to Dragon who has been suspected of having the power of wind.

The following is an explanation of the power of Bajrang Luffy, which will be seen in One Piece 1049 its effect on Kaido.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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