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One Piece 1049 Spoiler: Zoro's Background Revealed, Apparently Has a Relationship with the D Clan!

One Piece 1049 Spoiler: Zoro's Background Revealed, Apparently Has a Relationship with the D Clan!

Until One Piece 1049, Zoro's future fate is still unknown.

Because until One Piece 1049, Zoro's condition after seeing the figure of the God of Death was not shown again.

On the other hand, there are still many readers who put forward the theory that there is a possibility that Zoro will wake up and that he will defeat Kaido in the end.

Regarding Zoro who didn't realize until One Piece 1049, the following is a discussion of the theory about him.

It is said that Zoro has a bloodline from Shimotsuki, and there is another big possibility if this is revealed.

This belief when at the beginning of Wano, Kawamatsu said that Shimotsuki was known for his toughness.

As readers know, Zoro is also tough and always experiences severe difficulties and then moves on to the next obstacle.

For example when Mihawk inflicted a chest wound, which became his life and death, then when he received Luffy's pain at Thriller Bark.

On Onigashima, he not only withstood the brunt of Kaido and Big Mom's combined attack, an attack that covered most of Onigashima, but did so long enough to allow his fellow Worst Generation members to struggle to escape the attack, though he ended up sustaining serious injuries.

One Piece 1049 Spoiler: Zoro's Background Revealed, Apparently Has a Relationship with the D Clan!

Oda Sensei also has several storylines set up for the end of Wano (which also covers events around the world and Zoro's past).

He mentions starting with Zoro's interest in visiting Ryuma's grave to pay his respects.

Shimotsuki Ushimaru has a silhouette similar to Zoro, as well as the silhouette of Shimotsuki Ryuma.

In addition, Shimotsuki Yasuie is a person who has communication with Zoro in Wano, Ringo where Zoro fainted is where Ryuma's grave is located.

It's also where Ushimaru and Gyukimaru rule as Daimyo and partners. 

Tenguyama Hitetsu is holding Nidai Kitetsu for someone.

Readers know how Oda Sensei respects and treats Zoro's character.

He fought Hawkins, Killer, Denjiro, accepted Enma, met Hiyori, then fought Apoo, fought on the roof with a supernova, he unlocked Conqueror's Haki, injured Kaido, and finally defeated King.

Then there is also Zoro's past at the beginning of the story when he was 7 or 8 years old. 

Just like Luffy, it is still unknown how he ended up in East Blue.

However, Shimotsuki or Kozuki made people have a different life compared to other people.

Why did Oda Sensei wait up to 1000 chapters to reveal more about the background of the second important character in this manga.

The Kozuki clan also has important ties to Tsuki, which means Moon.

Samurai Wano is waiting for the Kozuki Clan. 

They adorn themselves with crescent moons on their ankles.

The reader finds out how nearly all of D's descendants died smiling, and also how their lives were.

For example Law, Luffy, and Blackbeard's difficult past. Law and Luffy grew up without parents for most of their lives and being a pirate was a freedom for them.

Momonosuke showed traits like theirs, he was pushed into disaster after disaster even taking part as a General in a massive war for his country.

There is an assumption that Shimotsuki and Kozuki are part of the D clan. 

Oden died with a smile, Yasu died with a smile, and Momonosuke had a tumultuous life.

One Piece 1049 Spoiler: Zoro's Background Revealed, Apparently Has a Relationship with the D Clan!

The fight with Ryuma, defeat, and acceptance of Shusui seemed like the surrender of the torch or the relay. 

The time Zoro spends with Shimotsuki Yasuie and the bond they form is for Zoro to spend time with his 'big' family.

Then Oda Sensei erased everything with Yasuie's execution, giving Zoro a personal reason to fight Kaido or anyone who stands in the way of Wano's release.

Oda will not make this important storyline lightly. 

Therefore, this theory also includes several reasons.

It was said that in certain places, the D. Clan was called by another name, the Great Enemy of God.

Sengoku says the members of Will of D. live under a checkered destiny. 

The Will of D, possibly Dawn, brings and overturns the world.

In the Whiskey Peaks arc, Zoro defeats 100 bounty hunters under the crescent moon, his kimono at Wano marks the rising sun, Zoro has no faith in God.

Ashura is a demon that manifests like power, Zoro wants his name to reach Heaven, Ryuma's name echoes throughout Wano and is enough to make Akainu hesitate to enter Wano.

The other Marines and the World Government haven't entered Wano for centuries until now, Ryuma basically protects Wano from the World Government as long as he lives, enough to spread fear that will reverberate centuries even after his death.

Those who bear the name D, seem to be able to withstand tremendous levels of punishment in battle and only surrender to the death when they know it's absolutely unavoidable, and this suits Zoro as well.

Other things return to smiles, Ace who died with a smile as well as Roger, Yasu, Sauro, to Luffy who smiled when Buggy was about to be executed, and Zoro smiled when he was about to die because of Arlong.

However, this is still a theory, Zoro's past might really be revealed after One Piece 1049, as well as his fate.

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