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4 Reasons Kaido's Past in One Piece 1049 Is Troubled, When Will Oda Reveal Yamato's Mother?

The main point of One Piece 1049 is Kaido's flashback, even though the fact that Luffy's opponent at Wano Kuni was only briefly revealed in the past.

One Piece 1049 describes Kaido's childhood in the Vodka Kingdom. 

There is also a story when he was young, he was recruited by Rocks and invited to attack the Valley of the Gods, where Kaido cs was defeated by Luffy's grandfather, Garp.

The story of One Piece 1049 has yet to imply any more signs of when Eiichiro Oda will reveal Kaido's past in more detail.

Some fans feel that One Piece 1049 is enough to reveal important facts so far.

But for the past few days on social media, One Piece fans have been arguing about Kaido's flashback being too short to be rushed.

Here are some reasons why Kaido's flashbacks need more time in One Piece:

1. Too short

One Piece readers waited a very long time to find out Kaido's background. However, they got quite a bit.

Many of the flashback sequences end abruptly and move on to the next section.

A number of fans believe that Oda is also spending too much time on the filler panel elsewhere.

An example is the story of Orochi who has repeatedly survived death several times.

One Piece fans believe Oda should have made extra room for Kaido, not Orochi.

2. There are too many unanswered questions

It's pretty clear that Oda doesn't want to reveal too much about the Valley of the Gods incident.

For that reason, Kaido's flashback misses the interesting part of the Rocks Pirates.

However, there are still many unanswered questions regarding Kaido's past:

Who is Yamato's mother?

Why did he want her to stay in Wano Country?

Where did he find all those Ancient Zoan fruits?

Why did Jack and Queen work with him?

How did she find out about Joy Boy?

One Piece 1049 only explains a bit of the surface of Kaido's past.

A large number of readers want to see more than what is given to them.

3. The best villains should have longer flashbacks

Not all One Piece villains get flashbacks. However, since Dressrosa, several major villains have their backgrounds exposed.

This includes Donquixote Doflamingo and Charlotte Linlin who is also known as Big Mom.

Of course, Oda through previous One Piece episodes has shown that Big Mom has several special episodes that reveal her background. 

Meanwhile, despite being her direct partner, Kaido's past story is revealed in several pages.

Understandably, One Piece fans are disappointed because they want to see more things from the strongest creature in the world.

4. Flashbacks can be the reason that perfects Kaido's motivation

Kaido has never been the most popular character in polls about One Piece characters.

Most of the reason has to do with the lack of information about Kaido

Even now One Piece readers don't know what Kaido's real motivation is other than wanting to start a war.

When he was personally invited to Wano Country, part of his background was barely explained.

Kaido also seems to be very interested in Joy Boy's knowledge for some reason.

Readers need to understand why Kaido did what he did. Longer flashback sequences would certainly be helpful.

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