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One Piece 1050 Spoiler: The Reason Behind Rocks Can Lose in God Valley Finally Revealed

One Piece 1050 Spoiler: Why Rocks Can Lose in God Valley?

One Piece 1050 Spoiler: Revealed Why Rocks Can Lose in God Valley!

Revealed in One Piece 1050 the mystery regarding the cause of the defeat of the most terrible pirate, Rocks, in the God Valley incident.

From the facts that exist until One Piece 1050, the Rocks pirates have been defeated in God Valley by the combined power of Garp and Roger.

But it turns out that Kaido is one of the reasons why Rocks, which has the most terrible crew in the world, can lose.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1050 regarding Kaido as the cause of the Rocks pirate's defeat in the God Valley incident.

Long before the new era of pirates began, the Marines at that time were shocked by an extraordinary event called the God Valley incident.

But strangely, this event was forgotten and erased from history by the World Government.

In 38 years ago, the battle really gave a big change to today's pirate world.

One Piece 1050 Spoiler: Why Rocks Can Lose in God Valley?

The battle took place on an island called God Valley.

Before the defeat and disbandment of the Rocks pirates, there was an interesting incident in the event where Kaido was shown to have disappeared.

This is known from yesterday's chapter where in one of the panels Big Mom was seen looking for Kaido's whereabouts.

In the previous chapter Big Mom had said that Luffy would not be able to defeat the creature.

This seems to say that Big Mom recognizes Kaido not as a human, but as a very powerful being.

Then from yesterday's chapter it has been confirmed that since the events of God Valley, Big Mom never saw or knew of Kaido's whereabouts again until he became a Yonkou.

The God Valley incident seems to be the beginning of Kaido being known as a cruel and brutal figure.

This is known when Kurozumi Higurashi talks about it 10 years later in Kaido's flashback.

The God Valley incident is also the moment where Big Mom gives the Zoan devil fruit that Kaido is eating now.

Big Mom also stated that it made Kaido indebted to her for the rest of her life.

One Piece 1050 Spoiler: Why Rocks Can Lose in God Valley?

But both of them seem to hate each other apart from Big Mom who used to see Kaido as his sister.

Then what really happened between Big Mom and Kaido or the other Rocks pirates?

To answer this we have to relate it to the devil fruit created by Doctor Vegapunk which is owned by Momonosuke.

Momonosuke's devil fruit is considered a failure by Vegapunk's doctor.

Even though from what has been shown so far the artificial devil fruit has succeeded in imitating Kaido's power.

Even in the end Momonosuke managed to create a cloud of fire to displace Onigashima.

One of the speculations circulating is because the artificial devil fruit can't reach 100 percent of Kaido's abilities.

So far, Momonosuke's devil fruit has only been able to imitate Kaidou's power.

Because Momonosuke is not too experienced in using or controlling the devil fruit.

The most logical explanation why then the artificial devil fruit that Momonosuke ate was considered a failure is because the devil fruit did not have a will.

So Momonosuke will not be able to reach the Awakening level.

Besides that, it's very difficult to find other reasons, because from what we see the devil fruit made by Vegapunk's doctor is almost perfect.

The only time Kaido might awaken his devil fruit so the World Government or Vegapunk doctor could see the power of his devil fruit was during the God Valley incident.

This is also the reason why then the World Government really wants the power of Kaido's devil fruit.

So how then can Kaido awaken the power of his devil fruit even though he just got the fruit from Big Mom?

It really doesn't make sense because of the fact that it takes quite a long time to master let alone awaken the devil fruit.

Just like Luffy who took years to reach Awakening.

But the answer lies in the past story that Oda made about Chopper's gigantification and monster points in his conversation with Caesar Clown.

Caesar mentioned that there are drugs or potions that can increase a person's abilities specifically even if only temporarily.

So what Kaido showed when he was in God Valley was probably Kaido's monster form as a result of the gigantification experiment that made him uncontrollable.

But the World Government might think that it is part of Kaido's devil fruit Awakening.

So it can be said that one of the causes of the defeat of the Rocks pirates at that time was Kaido.

We may still remember how Chopper lost control of his body after forcing monster points or gigantification.

Chopper is shown attacking both friends and foes like a very brutal figure.

Most likely Kaido's monster form due to gigantification causes him to go berserk and attack everyone both friends and foes.

It will be interesting to see how Oda reveals Kaido as the cause of Rocks' defeat in the God Valley incident in One Piece 1050 or the next chapters.

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