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Tokyo Revengers 253 Spoiler: Takemichi Predicts Great Tragedy!

Tokyo Revengers 253 Spoiler: Takemichi Predicts Great Tragedy!

The future in Tokyo Revengers is unlikely to be fixed by Hanagaki Takemichi, because everything is already terrible. 

This is known from the leaked chapter 253 where there is a lot of bad news presented in the story. 

Starting from several characters who were defeated until Takemichi received terrible visions.

In the previous chapter, Hanma was shown to have defeated Akkun and Hakkai, Kokonoi was finally able to accept Akane's death and also his thoughts about money. 

He also resolves his disputes and differences with Inupi and fights against Benkei and Wakasa. 

Pah-Chin, Mikey's old friend, is still trying to help his friend wake up. 

However, Mikey seemed to have become numb to everything.

Then, what is presented in chapter 253? At the beginning of the chapter, it was shown how Chifuyu and Mitsuya fought against Hanma. 

Unfortunately, Hanma managed to win easily. 

He beats both of them in no time and says that "all the mess has been cleaned up," just as Mikey had instructed him.

Tokyo Revengers 253 Spoiler: Takemichi Predicts Great Tragedy!

Elsewhere, Kokonoi and Inupi are unable to face the greatness of Wakasa and Benkei. 

They are shown lying on the ground and unconscious. 

What's interesting is that the position they fall in is very similar to the yin and yang symbols. 

Coupled with Kokonoi's words saying that they are ready to go to hell, the fans speculated that the two might not wake up again.

Mikey is then shown descending from where he was after defeating Pah-Chin. 

The Kawata Brothers and Peh-Yan then tried to beat up Mikey. 

Smiley managed to throw a punch at Mikey, before then Mikey managed to parry it. 

Mikey then brutally beats Smiley and Peh-Yan. 

Seeing this, Angry couldn't help but look worried and scared.

Mikey then finally beat Angry until he was unconscious. 

Takemichi was then surprised that Mikey managed to kill all his comrades, which made Takemichi not focus on his fight against Kakucho. 

In effect, Kakucho also managed to beat Takemichi.

Tokyo Revengers 253 Spoiler: Takemichi Predicts Great Tragedy!

Takemichi was then seriously injured by Kakucho's punch, which made him fall on the train tracks. 

At this moment, Takemichi begins to question whether his action to save Mikey was a rash act and whether he is also responsible for the failure. 

Takemichi then again gets a vision that will happen in the future.

In the vision, Takemichi saw a train that appeared suddenly and crashed into everyone in the battle. 

It killed all of his friends as well as everyone who was there. 

Sanzu also seemed to smile evilly in Takemichi's vision.

Tokyo Revengers 253 Spoiler: Takemichi Predicts Great Tragedy!

Sanzu is in control of the train and he tries to kill everyone, including Takemichi, using the train. 

The fans themselves debated whether Takemichi's vision was real or not. 

This marks the return of Takemichi's future vision, after the last time it was used during Draken's death.

The return of Takemichi's "ability" provides a hint that something big and terrible is about to happen. 

One thing that was shown in the vision was that there was no Senju on the tracks. 

Does this mean that Senju will survive? 

Did Sanzu intentionally save his sister from the attack? 

Will Mikey and Hanma stop or support Sanzu's efforts? 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter!

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