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The 5 Biggest Differences Between The Promised Neverland Anime and Manga


When it was first released in 2019, The Promised Neverland had become a hot conversation among anime fans.

Many fans were immediately attracted to this anime after seeing the first episode.

Unfortunately, the second season of this anime is not as good as the first season.

Many fans claim to be disappointed with the second season of this anime.

Not only because the ending is too forced, the anime also removes and changes a lot of important material from the manga.

This time, the author has summarized the five biggest differences between the anime and manga The Promised Neverland. Check out the following reviews.

1. Anime omitted many important arcs

One of the biggest reasons why the second season of The Promised Neverland was disliked by fans is that the anime omitted many important arcs in the manga.

After the anime adapted a bit of the Search For Minerva arc material, the anime began to remove and change a lot of important material from the manga.

There are seven arcs that have been skipped and changed by the anime, namely Goldy Pond Battle, Cuvitidala, King of Paradise, Seven Walls, Imperial Capital Battle, Return to Grace Field, and Human World.

Instead of adapting the entire material from the seven arcs, the anime actually changed the storyline and made an ending that was too forced.

2. Many characters are absent in anime

Because a lot of manga material was omitted, as a result, many important characters were also absent from the anime.

Since the anime omitted the Goldy Pond Battle arc, the character Yugo was also not featured in the anime.

This is very unfortunate, because besides Yugo having an important role, Yugo is also a character that is liked by fans.

On the antagonist side, the omitted important characters are Peter Ratri's subordinates, namely Andrew and Leuvis. 

Of course, their presence is what makes this series even more exciting, so it's quite frustrating to see anime omit important characters like that.

3. Norman doesn't become the second William Minerva in the anime

Just like the manga, in the anime, Norman also experienced psychological changes after he left Lambda 7214.

Norman, who originally aimed to find human civilization, has now turned into a revolutionary action to eradicate the oppression carried out by demons on humans.

Inspired by William Minerva, Norman decides to become the second William Minerva to lead a rebellion against the devil.

However, in the anime, Norman questions his morals again, instead of experiencing an inner conflict between remaining as Norman or becoming the new William Minerva.

4. Emma didn't make a deal with The One

CloverWorks studio seems to be in a hurry to end this anime.

The studio didn't even have time to introduce the character of The One. The One himself is a Demon God who helps Emma and her friends go to the human world.

In the manga, Emma gives her memories so that she and her friends can go to the human world.
Meanwhile, The One does not appear in the anime, so Emma and her friends can go to the human world without any sacrifice.

5. Isabella sacrificed her life in the manga

Isabella is probably the most tragic anime villain ever.

Because, Isabella never wanted to be a criminal. However, he is forced to become a criminal in order to survive. There are differences in the fate of Isabella in the anime and manga versions.

In the anime, Isabella betrays Peter and helps her children to escape. After expressing his guilt, his children forgive him and he starts a new life in the human world.

Meanwhile, in the manga, Isabella has a more tragic fate. After Emma manages to disperse the farm, a demon tries to attack her.

Knowing this, Isabella immediately sacrificed her life to protect Emma.

In her final moments, Isabela apologizes to her son, Ray. Isabella's death is the saddest moment in the series.

The second season of The Promised Neverland may not be much different from the second season of Tokyo Ghoul or Deadman Wonderland.

In addition to eliminating a lot of important material, the anime also changes the main material and gives an ending that is too forced. So, what do you think about the five differences above?

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