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One Piece 1047: The Reason for the Scar on Shanks' Eyes, Blackbeard Once Infiltrated His Ship

Oda Sensei in One Piece 1047, is believed to be bringing Luffy and Shanks together.

The meeting of the two in One Piece 1047 or the chapter after it will most likely happen before the RED movie is released.

But before that, here we will discuss about the wound that Shanks had and was inscribed by Blackbeard.

The following is a discussion about Shanks who is allegedly headed to Wano in the upcoming One Piece 1047.
If the reader notices, Akagami doesn't have a scar until his Gol D Roger leaves the crew.

Then the reader can also see Shanks' moments after the Roger Pirates were disbanded, his eyes were never shown by Oda Sensei.

For example when he is shown inviting Buggy to join him, then while looking for Yasopp, and a week after Roger's death.

In all these panels only the back of Shanks is visible, or from the top of his head. Why would Oda Sensei do that?

Likely, if Oda Sensei showed the wound that was in Shanks' eye, it would be confirmed that it happened after the crew disbanded.

Between one year after the pirates disbanded until Roger's death. So what happened to Akagami in that time span?

It was the incident where Blackbeard stole a certain fruit from Shanks.

Yes, when readers see a certain pattern in Shanks, he often gives devil fruit to people related to him.

Even though he did it by accident, for example when Buggy ate the Bara Bara no Mi due to Shanks, and he was still mad at Akagami for this.

The same thing happened to Luffy, Akagami accidentally made Luffy a devil fruit eater.

He also made Blackbeard get one of the devil fruits, or stole it from Akagami, while leaving a scar on his left eye.

On the other hand, in another theory it is said that the Gomu Gomu no Mi and Yami Yami no Mi devil fruits have similarities, such as their purple color and design.

So it is possible that Blackbeard, even though he knows the details of the devil fruit he is after, still feels confused when he recognizes it.

When Shanks came to Whitebeard, saw the reaction of the crew on the Moby Dick who passed out on his arrival.

As well as Akagami's words to Marco who asked if he was in the first division commander, indicating that he and Whitebeard had never clashed before.

So it's unlikely that Shanks got the wound when Blackbeard was on Whitebeard's ship.

Then, how and when did the two of them get Blackbeard to leave a scar that Shanks will never forget?

Most likely when Shanks who had found the Gomu Gomu no Mi devil fruit was chased by Blackbeard who thought he was the Yami Yami no Mi.

Blackbeard is thought to have infiltrated the Akagami Pirates and is waiting for an opportunity to obtain a devil fruit.

He is caught by Shanks and at the same time he realizes that the devil fruit is not the Yami Yami no Mi.

Trying to escape from Akagami, he started a meaningless conversation and looked for loopholes as Shanks lowered his guard to then give a scar, then fled.

However, this is still a theory, maybe their meeting will be revealed after the upcoming One Piece 1047

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