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Spy x Family Episode 3: Forger's Family

Spy x Family Episode 3: Forger's Family

Here is the link to watch the anime Spy x Family episode 3 without an application.

The Spy x Family anime will release its third episode this week. This series is now starting to be noticed by many people.

The schedule for Spy X Family episode 3 will air on Saturday, April 23, 2022.

After episode 2, Spy x Family finally introduces Yor Briar and the Forger family has gathered.

According to Comic Book, in the preview for Spy x Family's third episode, 'Prepare for the Interview', it seems the story will focus on the Forger family.

However, this preview shows Yor as a hitman working with Anya at home, after being proposed to by Loid aka Twilight.

Meanwhile Loid runs his own spy business, without his wife knowing.

At one point, it seemed that something was causing Anya to make a wild expression, and the atmosphere became tense when she was with Loid.

The man is seen dropping another person to the ground.

That makes episode three very interesting, and the public is curious to see how the fight unfolds.

Curious about the continuation of the Spy x Family episode 3 storyline?

Here are 4 links to watch Spy x Family episode 3: Netflix

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