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One Piece 1047: Roger's Secret Plans When Dying Reveals, The Meeting of Two Kings in the Future

The secret plan that Gol D Roger realized at the end of his life began to be revealed in One Piece 1047.

From the facts that exist until One Piece 1047, Roger's surrender to the Navy turned out to have a special reason.

Roger plans to bring together two future kings who will bring the dawn to the world.

Here is a leak of One Piece 1047 regarding Roger's secret plan when he was dying.

Previously on Fish-Man Island, Luffy is known to have heard voices from the Sea Kings.

There the reaction of the Sea Kings was surprised because they remembered that this had also happened before.

The moment occurred in chapter 968 where it was shown what Roger really was with the words of the Sea Kings.

And what he heard was about the meeting of the two kings which would take place in about 25 years.

The word "king" here, of course, refers to Poseidon which for the Sea Kings, only he can give them orders.

While the other king most likely refers to the person who will bring dawn to the world.

From the moment of the conversation between the Sea Kings, Roger could conclude that later someone would be born who could carry on his determination.

Roger believed in this even more because he himself had confirmed it by asking Madam Sherly directly.

Having the thought that his struggle will be continued by someone else, Roger begins to carry out his secret plan.

First he decided to disband his own pirate group.

Because there was nothing else they could do, considering that Roger's age would not be long.

Then on the other hand, Roger also lacks many things such as Poseidon who has not been born and the number of alliances that are still lacking.

Because if those who find One Piece are defeated again, it means that there will be no difference from what happened with the Joy Boy troops in the past. 

After that Roger descended on a small island and finally married a woman named Rogue.

Roger's wife then gave birth to a child named Portgas D Ace or originally Gol D Ace.

One of the reasons Roger married and had children was because he wanted Ace who would be able to continue his determination and find the One Piece treasure in Laugh Tale.

But unfortunately when Rogue was pregnant, Roger seemed to be thinking about what he could actually do with the remaining time of his life which was only about a year away.

The answer is that Roger decided to turn himself in, he bet on his decision to turn himself in to the Navy.
Then said his last words, "My treasure? If you want it find it! I left everything there."

That's what Roger deliberately said in the hope that people would be interested and look for what Roger meant so that an era of pirates was created.

Where people are competing to find Roger's treasure that is stored in Laugh Tale.

So that with this creation, the person who is predicted in 25 years will meet the daughter of Shirahoshi.

That person will be born in a pirate era where he will also have the determination and passion to find One Piece.

Roger's final spirit or determination that made him have to surrender was actually he thought very carefully.

Because of his condition at that time, Roger realized that his wife was about to give birth. He then asked Garp to take care of his child later.

Then before he left to turn himself in, Roger came to Rayleigh on Sabaody Island and said his last words that he wasn't going to die.

A phrase which we know has the meaning that a person will not die as long as he is not forgotten.

Roger knew that his last words before he died would make it impossible for him to be forgotten and so he would live on.

So it can be concluded that what Roger decided at the end of his life was aimed at realizing his secret plan.

That is so that the two kings who are predicted to meet in 25 years can have an environment where the dream of the majority of people is to find One Piece.

That's the last determination that Gol D Roger, the last person who managed to find Joy Boy's legacy.

It's a shame that Roger couldn't inherit and realize Joy Boy's dream.

But luckily Roger can die peacefully because his dreams and determination will never die.

Currently the person who inherited the determination from him and Joy Boy is trying to achieve his dream.

The second king is Monkey D Luffy who has also been confirmed by Zunisha as the next Joy Boy.

Indirectly, what Luffy dreams of will bring dawn to the world.

Interesting to see another mystery of Gol D Roger's hidden plans at the end of his life.

All of this will of course be more revealed after Eiichiro Oda releases One Piece 1047.

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