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One Piece: When Will the Revolutionary Army Return?

One Piece: When Will the Revolutionary Army Return?

The situation in Onigashima is further complicated by the appearance of CP-0 which turns out to have a big agenda for Wano's future. 

In fact, the World Government itself again added strength to be sent to Wano by sending several warships and other CP-0 agents. 

What will happen next in Wano and Onigashima? 

Will Luffy face the World Government?

At first, the members of CP-0 were just monitoring and supervising the battle. 

Until then in chapter 1028 yesterday we got the latest facts. 

In the chapter, it is shown how Rob Lucci communicates with CP-0 agents in Onigashima. 

He said that the World Government had already sent several warships to Wano.

Rob Lucci said they had two big missions. 

The first is that the World Government will take over Wano, if then Kaido loses to Monkey D. Luffy. 

Then the second is that they will again try to catch Nico Robin, a figure who is considered to be an important key for the pirates.

One Piece: When Will the Revolutionary Army Return?

Then in chapter 1042, another order came from Mary Geoise who ordered them to kill Monkey D. Luffy. 

Even though it was a difficult mission, in the end the boss of CP-0 carried out his orders. 

And although the mission managed to make Luffy unconscious, the risk he had to face eventually happened where Kaido killed him immediately.

Seeing this situation, of course, some fans are curious about what will happen to Luffy and Wano next. 

Moreover, the Gorosei didn't seem to hesitate to sacrifice everything they had. 

There is an interesting theory where it is stated that there is a possibility that the Revolutionary Army will appear in Wano and help Luffy's alliance.

In the Dressrosa arc, the Revolutionary Army is shown investigating the weapons sold by Doflamingo. 

Specifically they said that they wanted to find and find the source of the weapon. 

Of course it will feel strange and become a less interesting and useless detail, if then this moment does not become a way for what will happen next.

One Piece: When Will the Revolutionary Army Return?

And the investigation they carried out then led them to Wano, the source or center of all the weapons that Doflamingo sold. 

After learning of this fact, they will likely head to Wano to do some further research. 

However, they later fought against troops from the World Government to help Luffy's alliance.

In that moment we might finally see how Monkey D. Dragon in action. 

Maybe Dragon will be shown fighting against Kizaru or Green Bull. And this moment can also be a parallel moment to what happened at Sabaody. 

When Kizaru tried to kill Zoro, Rayleigh appeared to save him.

This time it's the same, when an admiral or CP-0 member tries to attack or capture Luffy, Dragon will appear and save him. 

On the other hand, this also has something to do with the ideology that has been held by the Revolutionary Army. 

They seek to liberate a region or island from the control of the World Government.

One Piece: When Will the Revolutionary Army Return?

With the World Government's plan to take over Wano's power, the Revolutionary Army was able to prevent this from happening. 

If then this really happens, then Oda Sensei will again prove what was previously said regarding the battle at Onigashima, which is said to be on a larger scale than Marineford.

We may also see a “collaboration” between father and son, who have been separated for a long time. 

Maybe after everything is over, Luffy and Dragon can talk to each other for a while before continuing the adventure. 

If then this really happens, then the battle could be the beginning of the peak battle that many fans have been waiting for. 

We'll just have to wait, geeks, whether the Revolutionary Army will reappear in the story.

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