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Black Clover 330 spoilers: Asta's Full Power!

Black Clover 330 spoilers: Asta's Full Power!

Black Clover chapter 330 will be released this week.

Chapter 330 of the Black Clover manga is scheduled for release the day after tomorrow, April 17, 2022.

In Black Clover 330 will continue the story after the defeat of Lucifero.

Lucifero was previously furious because he could be defeated by the figure of a boy without magic.

Spoiler Black Clover 330

He was torn apart, but Lucifero's body parts are known to still function properly.

Lucifero complained that it happened to him. He thought that if conditions were optimal, it would not happen.

Gravity magic then launches Lucifero to fight Asta and Liebe.

But just before attacking Asta, Nacht and Yami appear beside him.

Nacht uses a shadow and Yami with his magic stabilizes the gravity around Asta.

Lucifero then tries to run away, but Yuno then heads towards Asta.

He was going to make sure that his friend killed the Demon King.

Meanwhile Adrammelech clapped and congratulated the humans on the victory.

Another hope exists for Noelle's appearance in the upcoming Black Clover chapter 330.

Considering Noelle has been absent for a while, and it's likely her condition is better than Asta or Yuno.

What will happen in full in Black Clover 330?

Black Clover 330 will be released on April 17, 2022 in various countries.

You can read the Black Colver 330 manga via the following reading link:

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